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From the footage I saw it was a bunch of protesters up against folks in full ppe, id take that over the cops, army or national guard. Weather it’s astroturfed or not, at least people can protest without getting a billy club to the face or being shot at directly with rubber bullets, unlike in the US.

I knew someone else would be curious about this. I love the huge charts they make on cnn where xi is really big and every other party sub group is lil tiny guys. Just showing off the ebvil zee jing ping and his lust for power!!!

They forget the Spaniards won because they were musty and disease ridden 💀

I think setting small goals for yourself might be beneficial! Transitioning is a process, and I can tell you from personal experience it can feel like one step forward two steps back.

Set up goals that you can achieve For example: follow a makeup tutorial, look at people you admire and pick up on how they dress. Pinterest is a great jumping off point for figuring out how u wanna dress. Find what makes you feel empowered!

Regardless tho you are not a product! There is no ideal you need to live up to. I know it’s hard to love yourself, but at least give yourself a chance.

You and your body are deserving of respect and love just as much as anyone else trans, cis or otherwise. Here for support on the journey comrade <3

dude said Israel? Palestine? No. No state solution.

The Jedis made my family give up their business in the outer rim we lost everything 😭😭 ( it was a trafficking ring and slave mining colony)

Possessor, lighthouse, superdeep, in the mouth of madness, event horizon, the vvitch, possum ( Scottish indie horror), rabbits ( David lynch web series)

I think they could bring up the many coups/ anti communist wars the US has participated in, but hell most Americans don’t know / care about those civilian casualties cuz that’s just “ the cost of war”

No surprise with the union momentum recently. US can’t even handle the a little bit of worker organization.

You’re right I just say that cuz it kinda emphasizes the fact that:

  1. Language doesn’t really mean shit in the us ( liberal = communist, libertarian= free market, etc) people will throw around political jargon without knowing it’s history/ ACTUAL definition.

  2. The American parties are really just two sides of the same ruling party. No matter how much you hate either party they’re still both liberal parties working towards roughly the same ends.

It’s honestly a toss up for me. Some people are very down with the communist perspective, even if they don’t self ID as Communist. Others who disagree with me are able to at least have civil convos with me. Unfortunately some people I know are very sheltered and yes will literally believe anything they hear on X media outlet.

Sorry I’m not tech savvy at all I just copied and pasted💀 I’ll change it tho

You know it’s fucked when the FB! Is charging you for unjustly breaking into someone’s home and murdering them.

I wouldn’t call the us an “ ethnostate” more like a caste society. Like that one time David duke ranked all of the races. Even tho lots of goofy people would prefer it be an ethnostate. We live like the kid who doesn’t want the different food on their plate to touch.

Tbh America is just liberal liberal and conservative liberal.

Contradictions in this sh!t
I find it so hard to understand the liberal viewpoint of things. One minute the USA is fascist for overturning roe v wade and possible other amendments, the next minute the USA is the global defender of democracy. One minute the USA is facing the most social instability with gun violence, inflation, wage stagnation, over policing, the next minute we are the shining city on the hill that must set an example. You’d think after Korea, Vietnam, and the war on terror we’d learn are lesson about exporting democracy and just mind our own business. But america is not in the business of learning lessons. We care so much about Taiwanese independence but what of the indigenous people HERE? What of Hawaii? What of Puerto Rico? Stay strong y’all. See through the contradictions and keep applying Marxism Leninism to the times! There is still hope yet!

Aight Yall know the drill

“ something something the social chauvinists will call themselves marxists, Do not laugh!” - V Lenin

I am not sure your situation, but have you tried talking politics with people in person? I find it is a lot more tranquil and mutual than off line.

Imma also be brutally honest, but it’s only cuz I want you to have the discussion you want to have. People don’t really respond well to rants and long essay type things, at least not without a lil interpersonal understanding. Listening to peoples views ( no matter how reactionary ) can do a lot for them to actually hear yours in return.

Asking questions is also good to see if they’ve even really thought about their opinions, but also shows ur engagement.

I respect the hustle and the passion and def try and publish ur writing of you can!

Bro that’s what westerners really think. Like I been to Cuba and said out loud just to see “ god I hate the communist government!” Nothing happened. There was no one to sweep me off the streets. Hell the citizens had actual shit to talk. Some people love it, some hate it but you can say what you want, Nobody cares.

There are literally 4 year old ( roughly) videos on YouTube of right sector neonaz!s just chillin. Like bruh.

Like I dont care about ur allegiances with the war, the western countries involving themselves just continue to make irrational decisions. Like there is no pragmatism, the leaders of these counties only have a mind for the short term capital gains. Hate or love Putin but underestimating him is probably the biggest mistake you could make right now.

I was gonna say “ libertarian socialist” but Idek

I like lemmygrad but social media ( bougie social media??) is the worst. Getting off that shit made me feel so much healthier and less pessimistic.

All cops are bad!!! ( but not all of them cuz my uncle is one and he’s a nice guy )

It’s so weird anarchists try and claim marx as “ actually being more anarchist than communist” like… my man…

No judgement oh her ( cuz I don’t know her personally obvi) but DAMNN from her videos and tweets she be sounding pretentious asf. The way she explained platformism makes it sound like some type of exclusive anarchist social club. Doesn’t sound very non hierarchical to me 🤐

Cuddle puddles are the task of the proletarian party.

Smoking that Stalinaid berry ice with 3% nic 😈

Oh yeah? does that make Rojava, Catalonia ( CNTFIA), and CHAZ the anarchist confederacy?

Stranger things proving how brainwashed most westoids are
This person tried to tell me peanut butter was illegal in the Soviet Union because they saw it on stranger things. Like…. you know you can fact check that right? You just believe whatever the tv tells you?? It’s even FUNNIER cuz they were talking about how much they hate the 4th, USA and capitalism… like bestie that was kinda the Soviet unions whole thing. What’s worse is I ask them: what makes them evil? And they answer: because the soviets are evil. Honestly it’s just sad because people are just so content in their lil ignorance bubbles. Learning about communism from corporate media, being led a stray from any actual class consciousness. We must never stop explaining in this upside down world. ( lol get it)

Goes insanely, unreasonably hard. Lenin so young he doing stage dives and spin kicks to this.

When the anti tankie song be making anarchists look dumb. Hooliganism.