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And since Fuchsia is a microkernel they only have to keep the very small core open source and keep everything on top proprietary.

Safari uses webkit unless they changed something big recently, but since blink is a fork of webkit it’s still very similar compared to firefox and gecko.

Its unfortunate too because instances like tilvids.com don’t show their videos in recommendations because the creators don’t want their videos next to neonazi content. It’s pushing good content away.

so what browser do you use? like @SeerLite@lemmy.ml said Mozilla Firefox is about as removed from google as you can get while still using web this side of the millennium.

I agree peertube is a much better and more sustainable solution imo.

I’m glad to see this project is doing well, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

They literally couldn’t find a way to make flag smashers seem bad. They eventually decided to have them blow up a building with cops in it and just called it a day.


In the end the bad guys won. The woman who had been helping them catch the flag smashers turned out to be trying to control the world, so she killed their leader, Baron von Zemo murdered the remaining flag smashers with his minion, the evil captain america got away free, and falcon/captain america just gave the ghouls who were trying to deport and tear apart families a lecture and called it a day.

I don’t see how you can take a “villain” seriously when they’re saying “one world one people” and “we want to end oppression” just with spooky music.

would it be possible to use this in a browser that supports IPFS?

Like the vote to act against nazis where the only country who voted no was the united states