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They are kinda uncanny valley. The 2nd one reminds me a little of the long-time nuclear waste warning messages picturegrams.

I’ve noticed a bit of a slow down initially, when loading a new map. But other then that, performance seems to be great!

To be honest, if the west doesn’t like China building schools in Iraq then they should perhaps start building their own schools in Iraq. I’ve got no problems with an “education race”.

I feel like the best way to get this off the ground is to really put up as much new content as possible. I’ve been slacking recently by not being on in a while, but I really need to make the effort in contributing.

With more contribution comes more people.

The most typical salary in my city (London) is 33k GBP per year. I earn more than that.

My rent is 1150 GBP per month for a 1 bedroom flat in Zone 4, which is considered “the outer suburbs” perhaps, in a nice area. It represents about 40% of my monthly salary. I got offered to buy it for 350k a few years ago, which I did not have the means at all - and still don’t.

Yeah, but it just means that a landlord can over charge.

Interesting! Was it more tech stack orientated stickers? Or was it just a conversation starter sort of thing?

How did the stickers help with jobs? If you don’t mind my asking

I think that rent subsidies generally subsidise landlords rather than help tenants.

I quite like it but as others have pointed out - it’s just too complex.

I have been wondering if we’re going to see some high inflation. The target rate of inflation (2%) is barely kept up with in the UK. Since 2008 we’ve seen awfully low interest rates. We’re all complaining of high property prices, perhaps this is where everything else rises and property prices will remain stagnant or lower than inflation and everything else “catches up” to property values?

Usually wages rise during inflation but I think we all know that the majority will come away with the least benefits.

Completely agree. There is no proof at all that Telegram is secure. It’s also a closed platform. Currently it makes no money. But very soon I’m sure it will start serving Ads or premium features - all that server power and bandwidth isn’t free.

I quite hope not. Although I lean left and socio-liberal I come to social platforms such as Lemmy to take a break from the usual politics.

I would be interested to find out why

My first job I just turned up at the store and asked for one. My first professional job, I had 2 interviews after uploading my details to a job site and a recruiter reached out to me.

Eventually - you’ll do enough interviews that it won’t bother you anymore

The kit has the case and the fan, you may need these as they’re quite essential. Make sure any power supply you plan to use is plenty enough to run it too. Your SD cards you have lying around may be slow and hold back performance. Tldr: If it’s your first pi, I would recommend the kit.

You’re quite right! Apologies

I really enjoy Matrix at the moment. It’s got quite a large community and there’s a channel for everything.

I don’t really think distro choice matters so much these days. If you’re looking to try something a little more bleeding edge - you could try something like Manjaro, this has a rolling release pattern so you won’t be in the same situation again. I think this comes in lighterweight flavour like Lubuntu. I’ve heard great things about Pop_OS, I would give that a good look too.