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Malaysian swimmer Cindy Ong breaks taboo by accusing coach of sexual abuse | South China Morning Post

A former Malaysian national team swimmer says she hopes to become a “catalyst for change” after her taboo-breaking decision to open up about alleged sexual assault by a coach. …

A Malaysian fugitive financier and a former member of hip hop trio the Fugees were accused in a new indictment of illegally lobbying the Trump administration to drop an investigation tied to the 1MDB global bribery scandal and remove a Chinese dissident from the US…


Pada ketika kebanyakan rakyat biasa di negara kita malah seluruh dunia sedang terkesan teruk kerana krisis pandemik dan krisis ekonomi yang serius, golongan mahakaya nampaknya tidak akan terasa dengan penderitaan hebat dalam masyarakat ini… …

Ingatan saya bertemu Ganapathy | Aliran

Negara benar-benar mahu kita melupakan kedua-dua Ganapathy itu. Ganapathy yang mana? …

Kenyataan Media Solidariti #Johor20 dan Hari Belia: Hentikan intimidasi terhadap anak muda dan belia

A dark restroom

A photo I took many months ago. The lights were busted apparently, but I had to take a leak. No ghosts were lurking around, fortunately. …

A dark restroom

Crash Course Black American History Preview

Description: *Over the course of 50 episodes, we’re going to learn about Black American History. Clint Smith will to teach you about the experience of Black people in America, from the arrival of the first enslaved Black people who arrived at Jamestown all the way to the Black Lives Matter movement…

Why is Academic Writing so Boring? | Tom Nicholas

An interesting video explaining the terse style of academic writing, specifically in the humanities…

In Malaysia, the fate of a peat forest hinges on a powerful state official

Anak muda tuntut Undi 18 sekarang juga

Requesting /c/malaysia

The sole mod there doesn’t seem to be active since their account was created. I thought of sprucing up that comunity…