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  • Yeah, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in the genre and what we have is often a buggy mess - that definitely doesn’t help the adoption of ‘deep strategy’. I love games like what you mentioned but even I get sick of them when I start running into AI or optimization issues, where games devolve into snowballing or boring tedium after the first few hours, when the UI is a frustrating mess that makes me hate every second spent on trying to make it work the way I need it to work.

    Or maybe I’m just spoiled by the amount of polish and thought that goes into games like factorio or against the storm.

  • Oh absolutely, it’s a shame but long gone are the days of having access to like 3 games in total and having to play them all the time as a kid. Nowadays if there’s isn’t something new in the game every few months it just disappears from my mind - there’s always something else, newer and better, to take that space instead, for better or for worse. I enjoy helldivers but after 80ish hours of repetitive missions, I need new toys to make it interesting.

  • I really like this game! Wish it had more pve content, as it seems it’s very dependant on pvp interactions to spice up the late game, but even without that the exploration, combat and gear progression is really fun and engaging. The game also looks great and feels really good to play, neat UI and controls for both combat and building.

    Basically, if it were primarily a pve sandbox game with AI to fight it’d be my dream game!

  • I can give so many but you’ll have to narrow down your preferences a bit ^^

    I’ve recently been playing Remnant 2, Songs of Syx, Age of Darkness, dotAGE, Helldivers, Valheim, Against the Storm… all really impressive and amazing games made by (relatively) small studios or AA developers with a passion for games. If you’re completely new to the indie scene you probably can’t go wrong with Hades, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Terraria

  • It was a bit frightening for me to see how quickly the mob turned on AH during this fiasco and just how much vitriol and propaganda has been generated on the subreddit like this is any other ingame operation with the associated shitposting… except this time it could very well shape the futures of real people and fate of the company for years to come.

    Unfortunately this is the only way to accomplish anything. If there wasn’t an outcry like this both AH and sony would just ignore any criticism and move on until it gets buried and forgotten. It’s a world of extremes and the scales could have easily tipped into the other side, with people rightfully complaining about these shitty practices but getting ridiculed for complaining about just another account or sth.

  • Well I dunno about others but I’m both playing less and when I do play, on higher difficulty missions people explore and open caches way less than in the early days.

    While technically not paywalled, for me personally it’s definitely going to end up being like that. Down the line that’s be fine for a live service game but it’s a 40€ purchase and it’s only been a few months, I’m not sure I’m a fan of this model in the long run.