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“Tankie” here. The global south is going to boil and rot because of the growth-centric nature of capital. And then the west will boil and rot. Do you suggest we tone it down a bit to keep from annoying others?

The consensus is that they don’t read any theory apart from kropotkins bread book. That makes me wonder how anarchists are placed within the class hierarchy. If they have no immediate concerns for their own struggle, enough of a concern to read legitimate strategy regarding their position, does this not mean that they’re outside the lens of struggle? Are they too well off to care, but at the same time envisioning a utopian equitable future for all? Myself, I’m a devious class traitor and will use all my resources to bring about communism. I dabbled with anarchy because at first it was appealing and sounded amazing (too good to be true?) - but then I got down to brass tacks about HOW we go about transitional governance, and how to take care of the impoverished and the workers while the transition takes place. Lenin and Mao grabbed me by the short and curlys and I’ve never looked back.