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What is truly sad and nobody mentions is that all of this is dividing the country ,the anger and hate are growing inside Cuba, it is not the moment to choose a side it is the moment to be Cubans and stay together for the good of country.


I spent more than a year trying to delete a Facebook account just like yours and they didn’t listen to me until I sent the 1000 mail

Quedó demostrado el día de hoy que la centralización no es el camino que deben seguir nuestras comunidades #deletefacebook …

Democracy nowadays is just a word that someone uses to make his/her will just because.

That’s why everyone should use FOSS alternatives

Spanish is a beautiful language and millions of people speak it, so can be difficult for someone how is learning Spanish (non Spanish Speaker) understand all our language variants, at this point the best is a formal and basic language than advence one

Watch videos follow channels and you will gain LBC to upload content

Some of those issues will be fixed over time

Learning Spanish on Odysee

I’ve never imagined myself teaching Spanish but look at this …