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lol no, i’ve let in people who use half a sentence per question. The vetting weeds out the reactionaries, it is necessary sadly, but very easy to pass

On that server I posted we have similar people who have been victims of brutal religious indoctrination, and it is a topic occasionally discussed

Another based Discord? | Check out Tankie Bunker or you're a lib!

We all know that many Discord servers are nothing but festering pockets of reaction, but TB is different. It’s based. There’s theory, history, current events, shit talking, bad ideas, LGBT channels, and even a voice chat that’s only like 10% trans women with muted microphones. Anime and game channel…


The GenZedong cause needs programmers!

Hello comrades! …


Super interesting how this thread is much more active than the one on the Reddit. That’s cool!

… i dont remember? I watched Prager U a few times i think but i didnt watch more because it was boring

Saboteur mods have never even been a potential of a problem. The vetting on the GenZedong Discords (old and new) and months of interacting with the same people have made it clear who is and isnt a good communist

oh wonderful, I created c/trans a while back.

Just from the thumbnail I know that video. It’s so beautiful

Welcome subreddit refugees!

Since we’re not on Reddit I can say this. Get fucked Reddit admins, communism will win. …


oh damn, happy cakeday comrade. I think this is the first time I’ve seen one

Yup. we here on genzedong privted. I also mod r/animememes and that too is down. I think I’ll link lemmygrad on the private notice.

Way to hide certain forums from 'all' on lemmy?

Im not subbed to all forums so I like seeing ‘all’ but some just annoy me. Perhaps a way to fix that? …