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Turn off the e-points in your profile settings and sort by new if it’s getting on your nerves.

Great game, thanks for sharing. The kid version of me really liked the darker tone in MM, and being able to act on feelings of “I know what’s going to happen on this day, I can work with/around that!”. That said, kid me also got stuck quite often and ended up never finishing the game.

Read the manga a few months ago right as it ended and was glad it actually had an ending, which is more than the majority of series can say. The plot is a bit all over the place, and it’s hard to get attached to any of the numerous characters in the limited page-time they get, but it was passable, the art was good, and the character designs were pretty nice too.

As for the amount of hate it gets, I think a lot of people (like myself) feel its popularity is disproportionate to its quality, and a vocal selection of them (unlike myself) get very upset about that.

Perhaps it’s already planned, but I would love to be able to block whole instances.

Yeah pretty much repeated mild nudity of child characters, and a number of other minor details that add up to paint a bad impression (butt medicine, running gag(?) about Reg’s dick/boner, being strung up naked as a punishment). I think that’s about as pedophilic as an anime can get without turning into straight up hentai.

For gaming news outlets, I generally only read Eurogamer these days. They don’t cover everything so you miss out on news about a lot of smaller titles, but they have some good articles come in every now and then, and the commenters seem like well-adjusted members of society.

Rewatched all of the show recently, as well as the film. The plot is great, and the setting is wonderful, but the pedo shit (which is admittedly far worse in the manga) is really off-putting. I can’t recommend the show in good faith to anyone on account of that…

That said, the setting and premise is really perfect for a game. Wouldn’t really be counting on Spike Chunsoft to make something that fulfills it’s potential though.

Also, wtf is wrong with the people on NicheGamer. The comments are absolutely deranged:

I’ll be honest i skipped the original anime cause it was waaaay too similar to western sjw stories.The main story was centered about a chick that had a stronk mother archeologist or some dumb shit like that and of course she was as good as her mum.Was i wrong? did i miss something good? cause i don’t think so.

The fact it’s opt-in reduces the validity of their goals honestly, particularly related to assessing the scale of things like usage and stability issues. Linux users seem far less likely to opt-in to telemetry than Windows users, and even between Linux distros I’d expect to see significant differences that will make it hard to draw any real conclusions.

The acquisition by the newly founded Muse Group, followed closely by this PR, with very little discussion or community work leading up to it feels a little corrupt for an open-source project. Even now - when there’s so much backlash - the PR hasn’t been rejected or changed in any way.

Here’s hoping for a decent fork to pop up if this goes through, as it’s indicative of the kind of mingling we can expect from the new ownership going forward.

I’ve used iced for a couple of tools at work, and it’s super easy to use. It has a few bugs (that might be Windows specific?) but every time there’s an update I rebuild with latest and see the improvements visually. For my purposes - where it’s more important that I churn something out quickly than have it be super maintainable - I value its ease-of-use quite a lot.

Some places, such as New Zealand, handled the outbreak far better than most.

The “status quo stories” approach seems extremely weird to me. Have any other working groups been using the approach and finding success? If I were working on something and wanted to adapt to user feedback, I feel it’d be easier to break it down through notes rather than framing nuggets of criticism as stories.

A very confusing move from my perspective as an avid fighting game fan. As far as e-sports go, fighting games are definitely more on the niche side. Perhaps Sony see some kind of opportunity for growth that they can take advantage of?

At the end of the day any PC gaming store is having to compete with Steam, which is feature-rich and has an established user-base. Steam DRM is also quite weak, and even has to be opted into by the developer. For those that do mind having to deal with Steam’s baggage, other DRM-free platforms exist too.

GOG has also had some PR problems in recent years that probably get in the way of adoption, such as their refusal to list a game due to controversy from China about an in-game stamp that combines the names of Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh, and their attempt to piggy-back off of a trending hashtag promoting trans awareness.

They’re also tied to CDPR, who have damaged their image through their poor launch of Cyberpunk (for which they pulled a similarly controversial Twitter stunt), and their treatment of staff during development, after previously stating they would not force them to crunch.

The PVS-Studio posts seem somewhat excessive! I’m sure it is a good tool, and had heard of it before signing up here and seeing the swathes of blog posts, but is it really so good as to justify a year long crusade to shill it?

I’m unsure that C# lovers would be happy to engage in a community where the latest 11 posts are all advertisements for the same piece of proprietary software!

Rust Graphics Playground

A small webapp I wrote a while ago, that you may well have already seen before! Write Rust code that is compiled to WASM and ran in your browser to produce little graphics demos. …

Not sure how the income is distributed, but Studio Trigger has a Patreon that offers occasional streams and doodles that mostly seems like it’s a bonus from the studios reputation, in addition to whatever pittance they’re granted from publishers.