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I hate that all memes are just twitter screenshots nowdays lol

The funding is for a total amount of 45.000 €, which will allow /u/dessalines and me (/u/nutomic ) to work on Lemmy full-time for at least half a year.

Congratulations devs, this money is especially important in times like this.

I like the current one and lem.my (domain hack)

Can’t you just save Lemmy.ml as a contact? Then it won’t be removed.

I never said it upset me but I cringed hard when I saw this lol

I think moves like this that piss people off is whats causing people to be more conservative/right wing.

VPS host

Which VPS host accepts crypto?

Instance wide pinning? Should this thread be pinned?

There’s BitMitigate (most of the far right uses it).

And there’s the defaults like AWS protection and Azure’s.

“guys” is for more casual things though. When you say sleep with people will think of the gender specifically not the meaning.

What’s a good place to host an instance

Looks like there will be sanctions on China now.

Lots of African countries, Brazil, the West and Australia are now very anti china.

Does that mean Lemmy posts will show up in Mastodan as well?

Thanks for all the hard work you put in.

Does it mean that, if I’m on Mastodan, I’ll get Lemmy posts in my feed?

A list of features the admin might want to add.

I’ve got a little list. …