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  • Imo it’s also sort of hard because of the size. You’d have to find really small communities so you’re running into the same people and have the opportunity to foster relationships. easier on smaller instances or communities, but if you’re just browsing /all it’ll be harder to notice the same people.

    unless, like, a dating specific instance or community popped up. tho I can see all kinds of issues in that

  • him dying would’ve turned him into a martyr and basically solidified him as a saint, if not a god, to the maga crowd. I can imagine the repercussions of that. there’s also the possibility that someone worse replaces him, someone just as fascist and selfish but twice as competent, and that would be disastrous. y’know, the whole “guys I went back in time and killed Hitler” trope/joke.

  • I really don’t like killing players, and when I am a player, I really don’t like having my pc killed. That being said, I like the idea of player killing, because then it ups the stakes (theoretically. I’ve never played in a permadeath campaign). Parties would have to think twice about taking on a more powerful foe, or consider running away as a very real option to avoid death, or reconsider doing absolutely stupid shit that will get them arrested and executed. It (again, theoretically) makes the game more realistic in a sense?

    But then you’re playing it, and your character you wrote a 3 page backstory for dies because of bad rolls or shitty combat balancing, and now you’re pissed because you really liked playing that character, but the dm isn’t going to rewind time and the party has no way to resurrect the character or at least preserve the body until they do have the means. Or you’re on the other side of this as a DM, and watching a good player get pissed off and quit the table because of it.