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This list is made by scraping the official list of instances for each project, so any instances not on the official lists will not be here.

Just a community, it’s not like mainstream socials where you say stuff like “I’m snapping you rn” (as in snapchat message).

I’ve never experienced any of these, so I’m assuming they have been fixed

Libredirect was made because privacy redirect was unmaintained, and idk about you but using unmaintained software isnt a good idea in general

Probably the fact that if news slipped out, it would have been (one of) the biggest scandles facebook has ever done, and I dont personally think its worth the risk for them.

I would still much rather chat to people over whatsapp than telegram because at least whatsapp has E2EE by default.

To me it seems that they are more community focused rather than trying to appeal to the masses, creating stronger bonds with their current community rather than forcing themselves to seem professional and dull, which leads to more connections that are weaker.

> I didn’t see how big is the cut, though.
Because there is none. 😁

Yep, and if you wanted a better data format for feeds, checkout json feed:

I use a fork of it called readyou:

Reddit, youtube, blogs, etc all use RSS. Almost all content online has an RSS feed.

Gitlab also has free website hosting -_-

But wouldn’t that no longer make your code FOSS?

Hey, how do you get your post boosted by the community whilr using mastodon?

So what forge should be used as the one with better acceddibility?