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Unfortunately, yes. It’s not just an graphics update though. They atempted to “Reforge” the experience, and utterly failed at doing so. Here’s a relatively short review of the whole mess: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=zajyi1fy4_o

If you’re interested in more info, here’s a 18 min video on the subject: https://youtu.be/sURZZkQxru8

Better hope they don’t brutally murder it, like they did with Warcraft 3 😓

It looks like the NVIDIA-situation might be changing at some point!

Blender looks super sleek after the 2.80 update. IMO the 2.80-up is quite modernized, streamlined and much more logical and intuitive than their older UI. Fair point on Google Docs though. Still, Google Docs just feels so much smoother as a UI. The overal style is easier on the eyes, less cluttered perhaps? And that’s mainly what the ribon-view solves. It removes clutter and organizes the icons/functions into logical categories.

Honestly, a huge issue for LibreOffice IMO is that it doesn’t look modern. This might be controversial for many LibreOffice users, but every time I show LibreOffice to friends they comment on this. Lables/ribbon view helps a lot though, at least for me.

You get notifications, but there is some sort of difference yes. Maybe it uses a more powerhungry way of fetching/pushing notifications?

Aah, I guess I can understand that! I like games that are a bit punishing, so for me those are not huge hurdles stopping me from enjoying the game. But hey, thank God we’re all different 😄

Wait, you didn’t enjoy Hollow Knight?

ETS2 is such a chill game. It helped me relieve stress as a student. I wish I could give it a go in VR with my Logitech G29. Sadly, VR is expensive :-(

I really like Nano for this exact reason (and quick/feeless payments ofc). Bitcoin is just too powerhungry… But who knows if any cryptocurrency could ever reliably replace fiat.

I’m willing to pay that, if it is also easy to repair and maintain the PC yourself. Getting cheap and easoly replacable parts is a must for the longivity of the product, but I’m not sure what Purism’s stance is on this… Maybe someone with more knowledge could tell us? The privacy aspects are worth it IMO, and there are few devices out there that offer this level of control over input-devices, with hardware switches and all that.

Is there a particular reason why Signal doesn’t just use OpenStreetMap? I don’t really like the look of this 😑

aah, I see! Tnx for the enlighting answer! 😀

I truly hope people become more aware of the good alternatives, like Signal or Matrix-based chat apps and service. Man how I wish I could just convert everyone at the flick of a switch 😑

Ok that is sweeeeet, tnx for sharing!

Not sure if I’ll get an answer here, but what is RC3 exactly? I’ve heard of RC3 world, but couldn’t figure out if it was a social mmo or something else 😅

A noob asking for help

Hi! Me and my GF have been a bit curious about 3D printing. I’m just wondering if you folks have any tips om how and where to get started? As an open source enthusiast; what software os available/do I need to use in order to make and prepare 3D prints?..

This was made by Aleksandr Belov on YouTube. The music was a bit repetitive, but man he manages to get some amazing shots from Star Citizen!..

Can't access Lemmy without VPN

I tried to log inn to dev.lemmy a few days ago, with no luck. I finaly posted in the Lemmy Matrix-chat, and asked if the service was down for anyone else. Two responded and said Lemmy was working fine for them. After learning this, I tries connecting to Lemmy via my NordVPN. Everything is working co…