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Annoying how all theses repairable, privacy oriented, linux preinstalled devices are overpriced.

It’s better to just buy a window computer and install your os yourself.

There’s just so few posts. Will probably get better when Lemmy gain popularity.

No lock can compete with the LockPickingLawyer

I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

Way much better to continue building linux mobile based os.

4 upvotes as well on Sopuli


Always noticed federations is kind of fucked up here anyway.

I like how this particular user keep feeding us memes

Found one at the third attempt. It’s just a russian roulette.

So you guys don’t need to do that?

Disagree on saying it does nothing for your privacy at all. Sure you’re just moving* your trust to someone else. But if you have a VPN, probably not worse to use these alternatives that doesn’t even require an email address and pull subscriptions from rss feed than use Google itself (which you know for sure tracks your data).

There’s no way to be 100% anonymous anyway, it’s all about reducing what you leave behind you. So yeah I’d say it’s still much better to use some obscure alternative that might tracks your data rather than big tech that do tracks your data.

Phosh seems like a really promising mobile-OS too!

No, but if it does I’m glad to be part of it.

Maybe Lemmy will suddenly grow but I doubt it.

Oh no, I appear to have droped a zip with the entire undertal OST…


I sure hope nobody will download it, that’d be forbidden.

I guess that’s great for mobile distro if they don’t already do something similar

I don’t understand how they’re supposed to protect your privacy. At first I though it was to see certain screen if you wear them but no.

Is it just because they’d reflect the flash of a camera? Unless you’re famous I don’t see how that’s really useful. We still see through when the flash is turned on.

Linux or “fair” laptop like that are cool but damn expensive. My broke ass will still get a cheap ThinkPad.

I don’t know if it’s the same on desktop or not but for me it’s the hamburger menu on the top right (the three horizontal bars). You should see your username, click on it. Now you have profile and settings, click to settings. And then you can scroll down to [delete my account].

“they can’t detect the traffic is from 4chan”

Little did they know we have a detective here.

I guess you’ll have to lower you expectations cause both of these problems can’t be fixed right away.

You might creat your own instance if you’re into computer thing and you’ll be able to ban the bot on it, but that seems a bit overkill. More instances will be created eventually as Lemmy grow.

There is other instances you can visit otherwise and there’ll probably be a sub that suit your believes.

Hiding downvotes seems a bit futile. Just assume that the public opinion isn’t on your side.

Carrier pigeons is obviously the superior way.

I use throwaways sometimes for services that forces account creation. Otherwise I use the same email everywhere and make sure to not receive spam junk.

While we’re at it, I got a little tip for you:

You can put + after your username and whatever after. So if your email is example@mail.com You can put example+macrohard@mail.com

and the email will appear in your regular account. This way you’ll know macrohard has been doing shady things with your mail when you receive spam from this address.

It also allows you to creat multiples accounts with one mail account if the service don’t prevent the trick.