Just a learning boy who stumbled upon Marxist-Leninist ideology. I am now a learning ML trying to grow.

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What artifacts are inside the Br*'*sh museums in a nutshell:

Any form of racial slur in any kind of language. Sorry I’m not typing any.

Me irl, I have a tank for a head. So I guess I count? /s

  1. A year where I was either in my mom’s womb or just a baby. Good times-

Velma. I think it’s that new 2023 show on HBO, Ig. Some fans of Scooby Doo don’t like it not just because of the race swapping (obviously, something about most of the characters either being cynical assholes, braindead idiots, or both and the show reliant on meta humor and social commentary as jokes), but I feel like others do hate cuz “dis hwite caraktur is now blakc” and probably for racist reasons.

This looks nice. Also, the hamsick flags instead of the one in PRC China, global communism lessssgoooooo!

Additional ways:

  • Use composters to decompose biodegrable waste into fertilizer

  • Don’t use too much electricity and water in the house

  • Establish a people’s republic after you kill the corrupt corporate class (in more ways than just guillotining!)

  • Turn off the lights/electronics when not in use.

Most high quality capitalist product: Constantly bricks after a year of usage.

Most low quality socialist product: Somehow still works as it used to despite looking like it could disintegrate at any moment.

“Oh noes! Da komunizm hace com! Dey arr gunna keel our corporate parasites luvlee eenovaeturs! Wut wee owr nayshun duu now!?”

  • The CIA probably

You’re pro-Palestine because you hate Jewish people.

I’m pro-Palestine because I hate Zionism and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

We are not the same.

What the fuck did I just read-

Seriously? A guy in congress wants to put a statue of a Nazi sympathizer in the building or something, am I, like, smoking something?

Y’know what, sometimes reality can sometimes read like a satire, it’s not even funny


“Ok so I have a list of capitalist atrocities, actually documented btw, right here in my hand, my question to you is: do you want the list chronologically or alphabetically?”

Hey did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breedi- gets sniped

“This is for all the comrades you chucked in the ocean you neoliberal fuck-”

Usage of CCP detected. Probabilty of the original creator of this image being a liberal is: 85.69%

So essentially this post is: “You: I think the average Liberal has become so idiotic, that comparing them to zombies would be accurate.” Tbh, fair and accurate-

A tool, necessary at some times, unneccesary at others. It depends on the situation at hand and the intentions of people doing the violence.

The third position? Okay how about you position yourself in that pit that’s convenietly placed over there.

Yeah get ya too, my wording’s scuffed and it’s hard to tell if people’s joking or genuine through just typed-in words.

Dog whistles as in: do not trigger him with the card carrying communist language, as for the quotes there’s the whole “[x] good/bad actually” things I’m seeing on the internet-

Three outcomes would lead from this:

  1. Heated political debate occurs and it leads to a break up.

  2. She’s gonna use communist dog whistles to convince him that “Marxism-Leninism good actually”

  3. Nothing really happens outside of a growing worry from the Marxist partner for their liberal partner.

Yeah, if the ends are reasonable (just wanting many normal people to not get kicked to the curb and die on the street just cuz the corpos need more money) and the means are logical (rational murder of the people on top that perpetuate this shit & maybe also to whatever lackeys they send at you while just being neutral to neutral parties), then sometimes the ends do justify the means.

Yes, and it’s socialism you freaking liberal dingus-


“Haha, time go brrrr”

Conclusion of this meme? Racism is lame, fighting against colonizers for national independence (especially if ur an exploited country) is cool.

So, in a nutshell, what you want is a community merger between a good chunk of the “Shit X Says” communities into one big community. Tho, I’d suggest another big boy community for the ultras, like the anarchildren, cringe trots and MLMs, like idk, “stuff ultraleftists say.”

The commentor’s anti-communist insult backfired

Something something, anti-communism is a key part of fascism, something something, non-fascists anti-communists tend to be fascist bootlickers/sympathizers.

Sorry liberal but the far-right will be more “toned down” into making you think there are no fascists and nazis on your anti-commie subreddit.

Oh. Hope you’re not an ultra, anti-ML tho

I live in a tropical nation near the equator ok. Summer is especially shitty for my sensitivity to hot temperature, so hoodies are off for a while during the time except summer nights (nights are much colder than days).

Hoodies are cool, they’re comfy and fun to wear (except when it’s summer)

Also, enjoy a tankhead: https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/9f6de365-5b8b-4cdb-b936-0eefa8bab9d9.png

Some fun shit I thought up for you guys in terms of making a fictional character I guess:
Make a communist villain/antagonist, but make him/her/them have many good points and have a good amount of sympathetic traits that even the in-universe heroes/protagonists even concede that they have good points, also try not to make said character do a "randomly blows up a hospital for no reason to remind everyone their a villain/antagonist" trope because that's dumb, just for a bit of a challenge. Also, you can make them like a reflection/allegory of communists as a whole without the demonization capitalist propaganda likes to do.

Describing class traitors in Marxist analysis:
# Proletarian Class Traitors - Probably propagandized to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie - Due to the proletariat being the majority class, expect these class traitors to show up at least once. - They think they're gonna end up like the masters on the top, at best, they're gonna end up as petit-bourgeoisie (a class that ain't gonna last long in capitalist society) - Wholeheartedly believes in all the capitalist nonsense (like say, the pull up by your bootstraps, the bourgeoisie are benevolent saviors, and free market brings freedom to a country kinda shit) - Cringe af (and probs a reactionary). # Bourgeois Class Traitors - Is aware they're born in privilege, goes to fight for the interests of the proletariat anyway. - Due to the bourgeoisie being the minority class, don't expect them to show up more than a few times. - They know that their class is gonna stay on top no matter what under capitalist society, fights for the people's revolution anyways due to not being a greedy piece of shit like a good chunk of the owner class are. - Wholeheartedly believes in the ideals, principles, and beliefs of scientific socialism (y'know, dialectical materialism, the worker's dictatorship over the owner's dictatorship and whatever tf anarchism's doing, and needing a state to fight reactionary and capitalist aggression post-revolution) - Based af (and probably the opposite of a reactionary)

Me just casually listing off the potential piece(s) of work an average liberal/conservative/capitalist shill’s grandparent(s)/ancestor(s) must’ve been to get killed by a communist
- Literal fascists/nazis - Active anti-communist who despises commies - Owner of slaves lol - Collaborators of nazis/imperialists/capitalists - Proletarian class traitors - Landlords (specifically the older ones) - Feudal Lords - Fascist/nazi sympathizers - Liberals/social democrats choking on the capitalist boot (and to an extent, the fascist boot) - Extremely casual discriminators (like racists and homophobes - Finally, most of the bourgeoisie (except for the few bourgeois class traitors like Engles)

Hey there lemmygrad folks, just curious about something.
Are there any stories and/or reports about DotP/AES state defectors fleeing to [insert capitalist country here], only to change their mind after a day (or so/less depending on the story) being in [insert capitalist country here] and wanting to go back to the DotP/AES state they came from? Mainly just out of curiosity.

How would you guys describe socialism and capitalism in the dumbest way possible?
Mainly just asking you guys, but here's my take: # Capitalism: * An economic system in which individuals privately own the buildings that produces stuff and services. * Their form of democracy is a "democracy of the minority" at best, and at worst, is a dictatorship disguising itself as a democracy. Has that illusion of choice shit going on for the majority class. * Can't get rid of the top man "running the place" due to him/her owning the deed of the building. Sad, can we get an F in the chat for the workers having their labor exploited by this POS. # Socialism: * An economic in which the workers who do the shit for the business run the building that provide goods and services. * Their form of democracy is *real* democracy. In which that the majority class, actually have an impact on what they want in society. The minority somewhat gets to live, but not without a gun on the head and a sign next to it saying: "we will not hesitate to shoot you if you give in to ~~your hedonistic greed~~ the profit motive." * Can get rid of the person just sitting their and owning the deed to the building, the least harmful method is via democratic vote and choice on who gets to lead the operation, or if the deed owner ain't gonna give up his title of "leader" well, we shoot the guy if he/she reacts with malicious violence.

Just gonna ask y’all, what’re your opinions on that Harry Potter franchise?
Y'know, the books/movies about wizards and whatnot. I have heard of it, but weirdly never read a book or (vaguely, can't remember) watched a movie of it. Just curious on what are your thoughts on it?

Hey there everyone! A quick question regarding LemmyGrad profiles:
How do u modify it? Like, add a profile pic and bio? Y'know with comrades like Ratto having that shit. Like just curious.

"LiMiTlEsS gRoWTh iS pOSsIbLe iF wE rUn OuR EcOnOMIeS CoRreCtLy", shut up "basic economics" bootlicker.

The original comment and post: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/402216/comment/300264 The commenter: @PolandIsAStateOfMind

Note, here's the og image I found on google (sorry for exposing y'all to such cringe): https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e12fefda-e92c-411a-b6a3-8ec23d262733.jpeg

Imma ask y’all, what would be the dumbest reason on why you became a commie?
In a nutshell, mine would be: * "My favorite color is red. Imma look up economic systems. Wait, what is socialism? Hey! The socialists like red! Oooooooh, their books are also red! I'm sure that these will be good reads-" * *A few hours later* * "Huh, I'm an ML now. I regret nothing." Though, I'm just asking what was the dumbest reason you get radicalized left-wards.

How I’d define the typical capitalist/fascist scapegoat(s)
# Schrodinger's Scapegoat * The type of scapegoat the bourgeois parasites and fa-shits blame on when shit hits the fan, y'know like the poor or whichever minority (like the Jews, the Africans, and Asians for example) and sociaist entity (Vietnam and China for example) they'd prefer to blame on. The "scapegoat" in question is somehow simultaneously [variable x] and [variable y] or [variable x] and [antithesis of variable x]. Like the Nazis somehow believed the Jews were at the bottom of the white hierarchy while somehow controlling every facet of society in their "beloved nation" or when China's technologically more advanced than every other nation combined ("and that's scary" -typical west-turd news outlet) while somehow being derided as a third-world shithole. Or y'know, just the typical "the enemy's somehow simultaneously strong and weak or rich and poor or stable and about to collapse." bullshit fashits and bootlickers pull out of their non-existent brains.

Two Types (At least I know of, please let me know in the comments below of more) of ML supporters:
# The Card Carrying Communist * "Mmm, yes, why am I a communist, specifically of the Marxist-Leninist branch, how can you tell?" * Praises Marx and Lenin as the great lads they are, but can't forget about Engles, Stalin, and Mao. * Is a commie and proud of it. Is also not afraid to show their political opinions around others. * Critically supports any ML country (or in the USSR's case, a union), historical or modern day. ~~Khmer Rogue in Cambodia is an exception, 'cause it ain't ML or even remotely commie.~~ * Thinks a good chunk of "mainstream" news outlets and media are a bunch of hogwash, especially when they talk about socialist countries. * "Socialism will bring about communism in the upcoming future. They are not two seperate ideologies libturd." # The Cautious Supporter * 'Don't say you want socialist revolution *Don't say you want socialist revolution.* **Don't say you want socialist revolution.** ***Don't say you want socialist revolution.***' "I don't want poor people dying on the streets." * Keeps ML beliefs in private, under lock and key, only shows it to trustworthy ones. * Really doesn't want to get shot by the capitalist state because of different political beliefs. * Also thinks "mainstream" news and media are a bunch of hogwash, but isn't that vocal about it. * Supports ML countries in private, and as quietly as humanly possible. * "Look dude, all I'm saying is that China isn't as bad as the media says it is. Ain't saying it's a utopia, it's not a dystopia either."

First post here. Just want to share something mildly personal:
Hey there. Um, Imma just share something I have a personal moment. So it was about me and my family visiting a bookstore (due to me being Filipino, let's call it "National Bookstore") and we were set to stock on school supplies, the fam decided to split up for better ground, the parents with my little brother and me with my sole sister. As we collected the shit we needed for school, we (me and sis) saw some light novels (books with anime covers on them) and we decided to take a peak, and that made my brain function quite a bit, "The Billionaire's Secret", I don't share a lot of shit on the internet (due to fears of getting ousted by the public for either embarrassing shit or political stances) but here's something, I have a tendency to say the thoughts in my head out loud, the thought that made me splurt out loud was "exploiting the workers" as I held the book (wasn't intent on purchasing it), yeah, my sister, let's call her "Sunny", heard me say that and started laughing, mostly because she found it funny that I said that about that book (Billionaire's Secret) where she was about to show a more cutesy light novel (something about two nerds falling in love I guess? Idk I just guessed with the cover). We argued politics, mostly about billionaires, a bit (like "not all billionaires are Jeff Bezos" on her end and me countering her with saying "profits from billionaires have to come from *somewhere*" and adding "generational wealth" as another "Billionaire Secret"), realized that light novels aren't on our list of "needed school supplies", and me and Sunny just kept finding the parents and lil bro and moved on with our day. This moment was pretty funny to me tbh and Sunny would probably agree with me. ~~Note to those asking about my sister's political stances, she is apolitical, but decently open-minded.~~