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We refuse to label American patriotism as a religious extremism only because it’s not bassed off the Quran. But they really are one.

Perhaps your problem was expecting someone from PragerU saying something intelligent?

That’s why I talked about a reputable source (like a doctor). Of course following advice from an unknown random person is out of question, but what about that given from someone who is presumed to be trustworthy in their expertise field? What if my doctor gives malicious advice aimed to cause me harm? Am I still responsible for that? Isn’t the doctor at fault for what they did?

That doesn’t answer my question tho. And it raises another one: are you implying that nobody should be trusted and that we have to assume that everybody is lying?

There’s that thing called facts and evidence to help us. If I’m a medic and tell you that you should drink bleach because it’s good for your body, and you drink it trusting that I, a medic, am a reputable source of knowledge, are you telling me that I’m not responsible if you die because of drinking bleach?

He’s not wrong tho. I mean, we must call out racism and bigotry, and that kind of stuff, but there’s a not-so-fine line between calling out someone for saying “people with [insert ANY color] skin are to be purged” and wearing a kimono not being a Japanese person because you love the culture and want to enjoy it.

People need to calm down, they need to understand that things are not black or white, and specially Americans need to learn that it’s not up to them to teach other groups what’s offensive to them. They can’t decide that me wearing a kimono is “cultural appropriation” when a Japanese person is telling me that it’s fine with them for me to share their culture.

Hey now! Are you trying to say that those slaves’ duty in life was not to be slaves and hence, the right to be free was inherent to them? What do you think they are? Human beings like your average American slave owner?

Goddammit, blocking users and communities can’t come soon enough! I joined lemmy because I wanted to find an alternative to reddit that was more civil and less of a cesspool. And I find myself scrolling post after post about the same crap.

Both parts disagree, one has been banned, the other hasn’t. What now? Is this going to keep going for much longer? Please admins, implement blocking users and communities as soon as humanely possible I’m really sure it will help us avoid this kind of situations or, at least, reduce them to a minimum.

It’s about time. The US have been living as if the world resources were infinite and the consequences of their acts were a thing of the future that they won’t be there to suffer. Well, future is here now. They need to change a lot in what they do if they don’t want to end like many other empires: banished.

Well, that is reddit for you. The days where it was a good place to discuss are gone, now it’s just a cesspool that, the more it tries to resemble Facebook, the worse things takes out from the people.

You know what’s weird? I’ve flown to several parts of the world and have friends in places like Australia and nobody ever saw any proof of the earth being flat. Who knows why…

Is there a way to filter communities I don't want to see?

Or is it planned at least? In the last days browsing “all” by new it’s almost impossible. There’s a community that is posting literally thousands of links everyday making it basically a monopoly of them. I’m not asking them to be banned or anything, but I’m just not interested in their content, so …

Agree. Karmaremoved is an issue on Reddit. People farming karma to sell accounts among the things. Yeah, better without.

I mean, I generally agree that censorship is a bad thing. But there’s some lines that could be drawn and they start where the things you’re posting can endanger or even kill others.

I can’t agree with the article points when they’re talking about cancelling medical misinformation during a global pandemic that killed so many people. Spreading this kind of false info can get other people killed indirectly and… yeah, i’m not a fan of being killed because some nutjob saw a video of another nutjob saying that you shouldn’t wear a mask.

Freedom of speech is about the government censorship. Your.government can’t tell you what to say and what not. But it doesn’t apply to private companies and individuals, such as Facebook.

He is, sadly. He died on Wednesday 28th. He was battling diabetes and some months ago had a leg amputated due to a cardiovascular problem. He was living in a sort of hospital for people without resources and family and the morning of that day hr was transferred to a clinical hospital because of his illness got worse, he died shortly after.

“child sexual abuse has “no place” in its community”, that is so dishonest and false it hurts. They KNOW there are subreddits like r/againsthatesubreddits that purposedly post this kind of content in other subs in order to get them banned. FRS, they hired a known child rapist-enabler and knew about it and even tried to hide it by cenauring! Reddit is becoming a truly shithole that’s better to avoid at all costs.

TIL that in Finland supermarkets and other shops have slots machines!

Warframe. I started it on switch 2 years ago, I didn’t start it with my friends, rather made friends on the way. Now is my most played online game.

What exactly would you need a military grade weapon for?