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If you look back enough, we’re all Africans. Not sure what’s your point.

Videogames don’t result in gun violence. Gun access results in gun violence. Japan has probably the biggest amount of videogamers per capita and you don’t see mass shootings there.

People shouldn’t go abusing their phones “instead of a real person”. That is the issue. If you have the need of abusing something and then are proud of it, you need to seek help.

I don’t go as far as to create a videogame in order to do wicked things on it. People create a bot that specifically simulates being your girlfriend in order to abuse it the ways you’d abuse a real person, and then post it on the internet expecting validation.

That’s… kind of racist, you know? Specially when reddit is mostly american. And even if it wasn’t, it would be like if I read of someone killing his daughter and saying “Asians, what can you expect?”

I’m not “offended”, I’m disturbed by the fact that there is people who enjoy abusing things that are made to simulate a person. Something’s not well in your brain if you like to abuse a bot the same way you’d abuse a person and then post it on the internet, proud of what you did and expecting validation from others.

One thing she has achieved: now she doesn’t need to worry about COVID restrictions anymore.

Nuke reddit history. It’s both chrome and Firefox compatible. https://libredd.it/r/NukeRedditHistory/

@BelaptirtoMemesdumb af

My dirty luundry.

We’re having a field day here thanks to that. The amount of memes you can see where people just laugh at them…

I’m, apparently, a person who should kill himself according to reddit standards. I was already tired of all the site’s bullshit and usacentrism but this was the tipping point.

The day we all came to know that Aimee Challenor had become an admin and was protected by banning whoever mentioned the name, I wrote a post in a small sub that I was part of saying that this monster didn’t deserve to be a reddit admin, let alone to have his pronouns respected (as many were asking because he was a male who transitioned to female). Apparently, a person like that deserves respect and I should be ashamed of saying otherwise (and kill myself while I’m on it).

It goes without saying, I told everyone to fuck off, used a script to edit all my post changing comments with nonsense posts (thrice), canceled my account and asked all my data to be deleted through GDPR. I found Lemmy shortly after and I can’t be happier with the change.

As many, in no particular order:

Breath of the wild

Final fantasy xiv

Stardew Valley

Command & Conquer Red Alert

Dungeon Keeper

I’m probably leaving some but I’m at work and can’t think of any more

Great news indeed! Less vaccinated usonians means less usonians surviving COVID! I’m actually OK with less usonians in the world, specially if they are the kind that won’t vaccinate.

Actually there is a way of removing COVID from the us definitely.

It involves removing people (definitely too) from the country but the good news is you can do it with bombs!

Calling where he lives a democracy is some serious stretching.

Now there, let’s not insult them. They might be selfish to the point of self-damaging, and they might be novaxers, and flat-earthers, and science deniers, and believe in whatever bullshit they read on Facebook, and have no sense of critical thinking, while also being racist and bigots. But that doesn’t mean they are stupid…

Damn, what a dream job! Being paid for sending to jail dangerous idiots? I’d sign today!

You are actually free to live in poverty. Murrica is the most free country of the world. Nobody is going to tell you that you can’t starve to death, or that you can’t die of a preventable (but unaffordable) death, or that you can’t be homeless…

You won’t have anything to eat, but would you rather have a “gubment” who controls your life by helping you when you are in need?

Imagine being so extremely egocentric as to think that the pandemic that affects the whole planet depends on the election of the president of your country.

When your choice can lead to the death of innocent people, it shouldn’t be a personal choice anymore. Your life is not more valuable than the rest and, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the society, you should be ready to accept some rules.

Although I wouldn’t impose mandatory vaccination. I would just require being vaccinated if you want to be treated for COVID in the event you catch it (except in real medical exemptions).

Humans are not things, and belong in no systems. Saying “but this other system is better” just misses the point

I mean… we’re a social species. We’ve evolved to live in systems called societies.

No, they have just succeeded in convincing their populations that these are good. That’s not the same thing. I don’t need my children in a “better public school” where better just means “they do the same things, but more successfully”. I need them far away from such things, distances measured in astronomical terms.

Why do you consider you live better in the us then? And with such hate towards other people… I’m inclined to think that you might be a sociopath.

About Europe, the fertility rate is not very different from the US. So according to what you said, you’re as dead as Europe with one difference: it’s way less likely to die in Europe from anything than in the US so we might be the ones surviving you if only because it’s more likely to die sooner in the US.

Is there a way to filter communities I don't want to see?

Or is it planned at least? In the last days browsing “all” by new it’s almost impossible. There’s a community that is posting literally thousands of links everyday making it basically a monopoly of them. I’m not asking them to be banned or anything, but I’m just not interested in their content, so …