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Still not open source, it has an extremely lacking song library, not particularly better for user privacy, doesn’t pay artists, lacks artist verification, a lackluster at best rollout, etc.

I think it’s something to keep an eye on, but it’s nowhere near where it needs to be yet.

ChromeOS is becoming QubesOS without the privacy benefits lol

ImgBB (I think.) Its the least invasive I’ve found thus far.

Most of this applies to ProtonMail, but it really turns me off of all of their products, as they’re the same people, after all.

The developers of ProtonMail, don’t even use ProtonMail, they use almost exclusively GMail or Outlook.

ProtonMail doesn’t let you register over their .onion. If you go to their .onion and then click register, it redirects you to their clearnet site.

Its next to impossible to make an account over Tor for ProtonMail, as they make you supply another email, your phone number (destroying any anonymity), or even forcing you to donate them money (also destroying anonymity).

ProtonMail can’t provide the zero-access or full un-tamperable e2ee that they claim. Its functionally impossible on the email protocol.

They’re partially owned and closely tied with the Swiss government.

ProtonMail was developed with NSA and CIA oversight.

They engage in illegal cybercrimes.

ProtonMail raised $550,000 to “stay independent” but then immediately after the funding campaign ended they sold to a U.S. capital firm.

If you don’t mind any of this, then use their services. If you do, I’d suggest you look elsewhere.

Opera is a terribly shady company. They’re involved in a predatory loan scheme. And with how they marketed their in-browser proxy as an anonymity tool, I wouldn’t trust them worth a shit. ProtonVPN’s creators lied about the capabilities of their email service and are also extremely untrustworthy and shaky in a myriad of ways. All and all, buy Mullvad or IVPN if you truly need a VPN, or just use Tor.

Maybe half of Masto (not half of masto’s actual users, but half of their user numbers) in two years is my prediction. It is (and likely never will be) near as viable as Reddit, but I think it can still secure a larch enough niche for itself.

Holy shit that’s sad. The happy ending is though, that from what I understand people raised them $200k to pay for it all.

Krita, GIMP and KolourPaint are all good but server drastically different purposes.

That’s just false. Don’t spread FUD. I used Reddit for years, and recently came to Lemmy due to the benefits. Don’t typecast all of reddit to your dillusions.

Okay so, this is complicated.

Kill switches first.

  1. There is really no way to verify that the kill switches are working other than the OS telling you so, unless you are experienced enough to verify yourself.

  2. Even if you verify that they are properly wired, there’s nothing to say that they don’t stop working at some point.

Now, the phones.

There are no Android phones with kill switches that I’m aware of as of this time. Linux phones are egregiously insecure and should be avoided at all costs. They lack protections for almost any attacks made in the last decade, they lack consistent software updates, any coherent security model, and more. GrapheneOS and iOS are the only two secure mobile OSes, everything else is lackluster. If Graphene is a ten and iOS is a nine, mobile Linux operating systems are well into the negatives.

The problem with this is that a lot of times these fake numbers can be used to reset your password, and because they’re public and free, it’s possible that you could just lose all access to your accounts if the attacker gets lucky.

Privacy communities run a fine line between spreading the message of privacy and seeming like some overly paranoid, conspiratorial cult. If you keep trying to “go enlighten the folks over at reddit”, the public perception of use as a community will become latter.

I always bookmark, but after about a half year of doing so, it would take me almost two minutes to scroll to the bottom to see my most recent bookmarks. The best thing is making use of folders, they can be for categories, days/weeks/months, etc. It’s the only way that you can keep them organized. To sync them, use xBrowserSync. Never use Pocket. It’s spyware that Mozilla is for some reasons so incessent on pushing in Firefox, but you should disable it and remove its .xpi.

I don’t think it used to be harder, but I think the documentation was more advanced user oriented. Now the documentation is so simple that it’s pretty much copying commands and using a little bit of prerequisite Linux knowledge.

I think the last “exciting” consoles were the Wii and (I’m aware that is was hated) Wii U. I mean that stuff was crazy, all the exclusives, all the multiplayer games, everything. I am not and never have been into shoot-em-up games like COD, so I’ve never really been excited for the Xbox or PlayStation line of consoles. Now its just “hey look we put more vibration motors in our controllers so… yeah”. It just seems worthless. I’m looking forward to the day when VR becomes more like the Index but without selling your soul to Facebook or selling your kidneys to afford it.

If you need it to be in your terminal, then I’m only currently aware of Mutt. If you don’t need it to be in your terminal, I believe that Claw Mail is the best Thunderbird alternative.