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He’s a liberal. He just likes Che, and latin America. So he hates everyone the west wants him to hate, except for LatAm socialists.

This is telling, esp the comments.

There are two strains at work here.

The Exclusionary: ‘If it’s not pure enough, get rid of it/them!’

And the inclusive: ‘Sure, not all perfect. This and This are bad, but this other part is great! We should do that part, and not the bad parts.’

This shows up in things like Lincoln, and modern Russia.

“Sure, lincoln owned slaves and was racist. So was damn near everyone. But he was progresssive for his time, improved the lives of the working class, and did these good things. So we should uphold him as generally one of the good bits of our history.”

"Sure, Russia is capitalist now. But they are a strong anti-imperialist force, and worth supporting for all the good they do, even if they are not communists.’


“Lincoln owned slaves. He was a racist white guy. Fuck him.”

“Russia is capitalist, imperialist, not communist. Fuck them.”

One of these two approaches builds, one tears down. You can guess which will win.

I wrote that. Ask ME about it.

No, I don’t think I will lmao.

So, you’re NOT gonna wonder why Fascist dress smartly? That’s not clever at all.

‘Work?’ How the hell is it working? They are dying in huge numbers.

I’ve locked horns with this clown. They claim to be a Korean man. They are the 7th alt account of World_Systems, who has been banned like, a dozen times for posting shit that boils down to ‘No, the Nazis were right, they just should have gone after white people. Death camps and mass extermination are fine, as long as it’s white people.’

Because i am an engineer. And you just compared water to petrol, because they are both liquids.

IR is light. Radio waves are not. They may both be photons, but they are quite different. Like ice and liquid water. Both H2), both different.,

Mylar does not reflect radio. Metals do. So unless your mylar ALSO includes metal, it won’t work. Just because light and radiowaves both have a frequency, does not make them the same.

It’s NOT IR. All your comments are wrong.

Ultra high freq radio has some very bizarre properties, like making things of a certain size catch fire, but not other things. But it’s still basically radio. OR microwave if you like.

There are only 2 ways it can cause pain: Either by actually doing things to you, like cooking you just a bit. Which would mean that if they left it on too long, it would do some damage.

OR, it’s artificially stimulating your nerves, due to nerve induction. Yes, it’s a real thing, used in some forms of therapy. Yes, you could make the bene gesserit pain box. This would mean that toughing it out without getting hurt, is possible.

Also, you have LRADS [sound based] mixed up with ADS [Microwave].

ADS should be blockable by anything that stops microwaves. Sheet metal for example. Make a light shield out of sheet metal. Also, microwaves interact with water molecules. That’s how they cook stuff. This should be similar. a wet blanket should also stop it. Wrap yourself in several layers of metal foil.

I found out because i got them banned.

I found out they were world systems, because i looked their profile up, and they posted a comment from a mod telling them that they knew, and they acknowledged it.

Before they7 deleted it. This is also the same person who said the nazis had the right approach, they just got the wrong victims. Deathcamps and mass executions are fine, just as long as it’s white people in them.

Got serious issues. but they got a few of the ‘anticracker’ crowd on GenZedong nodding along. There’s a reason Settler is a fuckingh problematic book, and it’s not because ‘it reveals the crimes of the white race’ it’s because it implies that white people should be shunned from any revolutionary actions. Leaving them for the far right to have.

Bad move on a number of levels.

Also: if i worked for the CIA, that’s the book i’d write.

You will note a common theme of those they CAN stand. They are weak. They do not threaten the west. Like Vietnam. Cuba. Laos.

The strong ones, they do NOT like. China. USSR. DPRK. The nuclear powers.

You will find they also love the failed revolutions. Like Sankara’s Burkina Faso. https://orinocotribune.com/western-marxism-loves-purity-and-martyrdom-but-not-real-revolution/

I’ve read Settlers, recently. Most of it i already knew, but discovering how much of the US was built by Chinese people, and then how badly they were treated afterwards, was new to me.

My issue with the book is an undertone of ‘You can’t trust whitey’ And where many people take that undertone. On some forums, i have had people [only 2 so far] tell me not-jokingly, that concentration camps, and mass extermination is fine, as long as it happens to white people. Basically, the nazis were right, they just had the wrong targets. And they cited this book as to why.

And when you bring this up, people jump to white fragility and so on, as explanations as to why you MUST be hating the book. What the book says is not new. And much of it is true.

My issue with it is that it seems to be purpose written to stop Fred Hampton. Because he wanted to unite the working class, black, brown and white. And you have people citing this book as reasons to abandon the white members of the working class to the far right, and condemn any attempts to reach them in a revolutionary context.

there are better books saying the same stuff, without the drama. https://erich-arbor.medium.com/the-anti-marxist-elitism-of-j-sakais-settlers-409ff2d496ee


So, opinions on the latest wave of Breadtube cancelling?

So Caleb Maupin is now labelled a Nazbol. That seems to be the newest buzzword that means ‘bad person’…