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  • After reading over I think you very well could be onto something.

    Highlights from that site that follow this notion:

    • They were capable of magically consuming a humanoid creature’s mind and memories from a distance of up to 10 feet (3 meters), provided that creature had a brain and succumbed to its psychic assault. If so, the victim’s mentality was deteriorated. In the worst case, the victim’s intellectual capacity was completely erased, leaving them dazed or stunned and ultimately incapacitated.

      • What happened to Earth beings except for Fry
    • To aid in hunting, an intellect devourer could detect the minds of sentient creatures up to a distance of 300 feet (91 meters), determining both presence and position. -In the infosphere they were not able to detect Fry’s brainwaves due to his “nasty in the past-y” affecting his brain.

    • Despite their exposed brains, an intellect devourer was protected by a crusty covering or clear membrane and was resistant to physical harm.

      • Fry was only able to hurt them by thinking

    While they are supposed to have legs and claws, there is a illithid talent that they could fly.

    Otherwise, the rest of the lore seems exclusive from the Futurama brains.

    Knowing the intellect and geekiness of the writers, I agree that there is possible connection between the two. For the sake of creative licencing, I am sure if it was their intention to make them intellect devourers, they made the changes they did for the show. Thanks for sharing 😊.

  • Definitely not the best way, but for (American and other?) healthcare companies it is the cheapest way. As a nurse, I do agree there should be better options. As you mentioned before, it’s not healthy for a peaceful healing environment, moreover, it makes nurses desensitized to alarms and that they blend in the background and become less effective at what they are supposed to do.