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I’m sorry that you had to go through that, it doesn’t sound fun at all. But yeah, unfortunately the cost just doesn’t make it worth it. I know that they’re a relatively small company, and that they pride themselves on working on their laptops in the US directly, so for Americans it’s great, but it would be nice if in the long term they’d consider at least directly selling their laptops from within the EU, so that European users wouldn’t have to pay to bring them over from the US.

I know that it’s unlikely, since it wouldn’t make much sense from a business perspective, especially since they’d also have to offer two year warranties.

Until then, Tuxedo and Slimbook seem like potential alternatives, but I’d give my soul away for a Pangolin.

It’s such a shame that they don’t directly sell them inside the EU. I’d love to get a Pangolin, but since it’s already somewhat expensive, also having to pay import taxes for it isn’t a very fun concept. I’ll most likely have to reorient towards getting a Tuxedo laptop.

It’s the best thing that has happened for the continent as a whole in a long time, and specifically so for some countries. There are issues with it, certainly, but what most people seem to forget is just what it is. The EU is the result of 60 years of treaties, organizations, reconciliations, negotiations, and of trying to bring together the national visions for such a union of over 20 states. It can’t really be compared to anything else that has existed in the world until now. So from that perspective, the EU is quite an achievement.

Of course, here is hoping that the next 60 years will improve it even more and fix most of the issues that people have with it.

For me it was a slow process. I watched some anime series as a kid without knowing what anime was like most people. Then as I grew up and started school I didn’t have the time to watch TV anymore. But eventually I got a laptop and started playing World of Tanks, which eventually brought me into contact with Girls und Panzer, which I watched and somewhat enjoyed, but once again, without knowing what anime was.

After that, due to YouTube, I saw a video with a snippet of Valkyria Chronicles, and that’s what I consider to be my first true anime. I still had no idea what anime was, but I absolutely loved, it made me sad and happy and influenced me in a way no cartoon or movie ever had. It was at the beginning of summer, and I spent the rest of it wanting more, but since I had no that it was anime, I had no way of finding more.

Then once the school year started, I randomly mentioned it to a friend of mine who was actually a huge anime fan without me knowing, and that’s where I fell into the rabbit hole. I started with Sword Art Online, and from there I’ve watched around 200 anime series so far.

AniList for me all the way. I love modern looking, material-design UI’s, and MAL just looks like a website made last century. AniList is just a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and personally, it’s a lot easier for me to use. But the thing that actually made me switch from MAL to AniList was the API support. I’m still mostly using an app on my phone to update my anime list, and a few years ago MAL just pulled the plug on their API for a while, breaking the app I was using. Switched to AniList, Anitrend on Android and MyAniList on iOS and I’ve never been happier.

Yeah sadly, it was announced last week. And both MAL and AniList have adjusted their pages to say that it will start airing in October, which is a shame. But yeah, safety is of course more important.

And it seems that DanMachi Season 3 will be delayed until October at least. It’s a shame, but I guess that it’s understandable. I just hope that the anime series that were already delayed for the summer season won’t be delayed any further.

Well, I only started reading them on a whim - this was long before season 3 was announced and I was feeling a great urge for more SAO xD And I certainly will! I watched a scene or two on YouTube and it really looks like A-1 did a great job this time around!

They do? I had absolutely no idea, they sound nothing alike xD I shouldn’t be that surprised though I guess - I found out that Kirito’s voce actor is also the voice actor of Betelgeuse in Re:Zero, and well, that’s an incredibly distinct voice and style of speaking, so Kirito’s voice actor really seems to be good at it! I will be really looking forward to the 3rd season of DanMachi, I know that some people were disappointed by the second season but I really enjoyed it

And it’s always nice to talk about anime, so don’t worry about it! I’m really looking forward to what this community will become xD

Oh, I had no idea that DanMachi season 3 was going to air! I love the series, I watched the first season as it aired, and while I couldn’t do the same for the second season I caught up with it in December. And I also watched Sword Oratoria, so I’m really looking forward to a new season!

And oof, I didn’t know that it was delayed that much. I really like Alicization - SAO was one of my first anime series so I have a soft spot for it, but I actually read half of the Alicization light novels a few years ago. I just never actually managed to watch the anime adaptation. I don’t even know whether it’s good or bad xD But I like the characters too much, so I will catch up with it eventually

Well, if you’ll ever decide to get into such games, Azur Lane is one of the best xD But I’ll probably give the anime a try too, it does look quite enjoyable from the few YouTube videos I’ve seen

Thanks, I’ll do my best xD

And I really, really, really am looking forward to that second season - Re:Zero is my favorite anime series.

Though, I’m curious, what other series are you looking forward to for that period?

How is Azur Lane like? I love the game and I’d love to see my shipgirls in animated form, but I never managed to look at the anime much

I don’t know anything about it, but Mushoku Tensei seems to be pretty nice isekai show from the trailer, I’ll certainly give it a try once it starts airing.

It’s nice to see that anime really is everywhere xD It will really be interesting to see how the anime community here evolves and changes I’m sadly not watching that much anime right now, it’s exam season and everything right now, but I have been trying to keep up with Tower of God and with Kaguya-sama, both are amazing shows. I had also picked Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! as my generic isekai trash show for this season, but I stopped watching it for the time being.

And the greatest desire of my anime life right now is for the second season of Re:Zero to finally start airing.

This looks pretty cool, great job so far!