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To keep on improving and enjoying life.

GZDoom. It’s also the only supported method at the LAN events that I attend.

I used GOG for years. I believe that when they began to implement their own launcher it was a misstep. I know someone else on their forums pointed it out better than I could but had they stayed DRM FREE without launchers they could have avoided a lot of cost with having to 1) Keep up with the launcher battle 2) Deal with DRM creep coming into their releases 3) Have a unique identity in the game digital distribution world.

The amount of research I have to do before I pull the trigger to buy one of their games made me back up my titles and close my account.

My main rig is an Rpi 4 8 gb. Instead of an SD card I have a 250 gb ssd as it’s boot and storage. I’m probably never going to build or buy another rig ever again.

My family and I went to a diner along with some friends. It was $17.99 all you can eat family diner with a take home plate. I did not eat much so the waiter let me take 3 plates home.

GenXer here. I stopped listening to elders like that when I was a teen. I just nod and keep doing what I’m doing and it’s lead to a better life.

I watch this with my kid at their place over the course of this weekend. I enjoyed it. They play LOL heavy and got into the lore and back drop. I’m never gonna play the game but I love the art of the game.

Pixel 3a

If I can find out for $50 or under I may check out the Pixel 3a. It may be a long while, though.

I replaced the batteries in 2019 from the original stock. The N5 gets about 16 to 19 hours before hitting 10%. Talking full work usages - bash scripting, browser usages, remote desktop and playing a few rounds of games on PPSSPP and/or ReDream.

The N4 is very good. It’s the phone that’s left at home so it’s usage is just texting and calling but I usually charge it 1x a week.

That’s my secret cap, I hardly spend any money or “buy” things.

I like the Google Nexus series 4 or 5. I run a Nexus 5 for work with LienageOS + Fdroid for work. I use a Google Nexus 4 on Ubports for home usage.

I never go over $50 for a phone.

Downloading the video now. I’ve saved a ton over the last 20 years by going to community gardens for free produce, free groceries and picking up their free shopping vouchers when they have them. Many community gardens will also pay you for your compost. I make it part of my biking/run routine to stop by with compost and pick up bags/boxes of food 3x a week. Not sure if that is covered in the video yet but it’s been my go to method for saving on food.

That OS has saved me a ton of cash since it debuted. I donate monthly to it now.

I’ve never had an issue logging into bank websites. I use Firefox ESR and run the sites in desktop mode.

I was about to say. I use Lineage OS with Fdroid and that’s it. I also have a phone with Ubports as a back up. I wonder what the privacy rating on that would be.

Yeah. I still get updates on those phone. I can also switch them to UBports also.

Look for something that you can install an another OS on. Ask for photos of all sides. Look for battery bloat. A short vid of the phone booting and working is ideal.

I personally do not go over $50 for a phone. Currently using a Google Nexus 5 running Lineage OS that I got used 4 years ago for $35. Excellent phone great for work and gaming.

'GTA Trilogy' Remaster Is A Mess

AAA gaming for the last 17+ years seems like people pay more to get less functional software. While the patient gamers get it for free or dirt cheap later on when it’s in a much better state. While further still pirates get the best copy day one with community made mods…

Looking for some 3rd person Linux native shooters preferably DRM-FREE

Been having a blast with 3rd person shooters via of emulators but I would like to get some linux native titles under my belt. Hopefully with local and/or LAN support and DRM Free. Any leads?..