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Agreed. Even a small game with friends in zombie mode is a lot of fun.

pico 8 is excellent. I picked it up years ago when it was on humble bundle for the first time. I collect a bunch of the games and put them on my back up rasp pi desktop. check out ‘Dusk Child’ and the original Celeste.

In my circle GOG is huge. I have more friends and family on GOG than anywhere else. Out of the 39 ppl I have on GOG only 4 of them have Steam. I think it’s because my gaming group is older that prefer the offline binary games that have mp built in without a launcher.

I think more modern gamers are looking for always online games and GOG does not carry those types of games and only recently got into the online gaming arena via Galaxy which I think was a mistake on their part.

The only way I can see that happening is via cloud gaming as the kernel level stuff will probably never happen.

^ The way I see things as well. I have no strong desire to play something but if something catches my eye and works on Linux, great! If not, I keep it moving.

I have a few of the Hitman games from GOG. They are pretty good. Spec Ops: The Line is an excellent game. Yeah outside of Hitman and the original Tomb Raiders the rest are not DRM FREE and don’t have official LAN support without using Steam. Looking for something to run at home with the family without having to be online and perhaps something we missed along the way.

There is a whole generation growing up on Chromebooks. They are in schools, community centers, colleges, after school programs, libraries and children hospitals so many are gaming on them as it is this would make them more curious about more gaming options via Linux gaming.

Even at my workplaces and as new and younger workers come in many of them are listing chrome os on their skill list along with their familiarity with GSUITE now known as Google Workspace.

Hi. Risk of Rain 2 is great. I played it on Stadia when they gave out free codes for it awhile back. I like Serious Sam series (you can play in 1st or 3rd person mode), Zombie Army Trilogy, Rogue Trooper, Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop.

Looking for some 3rd person Linux native shooters preferably DRM-FREE

Been having a blast with 3rd person shooters via of emulators but I would like to get some linux native titles under my belt. Hopefully with local and/or LAN support and DRM Free. Any leads?..

This is excellent. I wonder if it can work on the Lite version.

They make great machines. I have the Gazelle 17 Pro. Love that machine for work and gaming. My wife is ordering the Pangolin now.