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There are multiple ways to go about this. You can, for one, use DynDNS and CNAME it to your own domain. There are some DynDNS services that can move the IP in under a minute.

Another option is to use some reverse proxy service, or setup up a reverse proxy yourself on a VPS. I’ve heard Oracle gives them away for free.

Also, for mobile use Bromite if you want the same engine

For a while I didn’t even read most criticism of Brave because I saw too many “I don’t agree with the dev’s political views” type bullshit. But recently I realized the shady shit they’ve done (like that affiliate link one).

Plus it doesn’t seem to be in the Arch repos.

I don’t know, I don’t think. But creating pull requests isn’t that hard (you can even do it all in your browser), and for saving just use browser bookmarks

Nah, based.cooking is better, they have a LOT more recipes than I could find on this one

Well, they technically did not make terrorist threats, because it’s hard to threaten someone without, you know, telling them.

But they were still plotting terrorism.

I don’t have 1kB as a target, it’s simply impossible unless I make the reader read my stuff in gzip. I just mentioned that your posts have to be really short to even be able to make a 1kB site like OP wants to

That is, in my case, the markdown I generate from. So pretty minimal.

Well, really short posts. I only write a few paragraphs and the plain text is over 4kB!

I think this is a big win for the free software community. Copying APIs is legal, at least in the US. …

Have you even used it? The way you talk about it indicates no

I have to agree with you here. Easter eggs are fun, but I prefer the VSCode style santa hat to this

Yeah, that makes sense. I was using LibreWolf before I guess I will go back…

I’ve seen a lot of bullshit “I don’t agree with the views of the creator, so you shouldn’t use it”, but this is actual criticism, thanks!

I’m not sure if this is april fools or serious

I’m using Brave rn so I do hope they will take it out

Yeah, agreed.

BTW, in my experience, 4chan is not all trash. If you stay away from the bigger boards, your experience won’t be that bad. But YMMV.

There’s something called GNUnet, by the FSF obviously

I mean, /b/ doesn’t have much reactionary trash…

It has porn instead

But an ActivityPub based image board would be lovely

Especially when you give no reason for it.

I’ve been using arch for a while, I have a few things I have problems with but none of those is being “unpolished”

Like yeah, it’s a DIY distro you are supposed to polish it.

What is your biggest complaint about Lemmy?

For me, it’s the lack of diversity in opinions. IDK about you but I’ve only seen people from here and lemmygrad.ml, and nearly everyone is pretty far left. I’m not having a big problem with it, but the site is very, umm, single-minded. …

I don’t care about downvotes, at all…