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It’s okay when it’s not used unironically, but refers accurately to the historical thing, and isn’t endorsed.

For example, to be easier to understand, I find it acceptable to put it on the cover of The Man in the High Castle, but not used seriously, to genuinely express endorsement.

(To be clear, I’m not a nazi, and any appearance of such is caused by my less the perfect English skills)

Yeah… especially since GNU or the FSF isn’t some small 1-person hobby project, but basically one of the biggest free software projects in the world. They have their own code hosting service, why not a simple IRC server?

I’m not denying that 14 eye countries engage in imperialism. I’m just saying that China too is imperialist.

Regarding your video, I will watch it tomorrow and get back. But for now I’m too tired.

I didn’t say it to imply anything about the rest of Asia, it was a response specifically to this:

Easterners are collective and peaceful. It is the Westerners that engage in divide and conquer, individualist capitalism and imperialism.

Which is evidently false.

Next argument please do not tell me South Korea is an ideal Asian country. You will ache my sides so hard, you will hospitalise me.

Didn’t plan to.

China can be considered imperialistic because of what they are doing to Taiwan. China is also a de-facto one-party state and has a totalitarian government.


The Japanese were as imperialist as one can get, towards, among others, your beloved China.

Yes it isn’t an invention of the East, it’s basically as old as humanity, you could say an invention of Africa since that’s where humans are from.

Please do as you say and research Japanese imperialism a bit. Thanks.

Definition of imperialism

1 : the policy, practice, or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas


Capitalism isn’t a requirement

Also, I didn’t hear about the Roman Empire having exploitative capitalism

China and USA can both be imperialist, and the UK is a shitty “democracy” which is stuck in the middle ages politically

I know google does that but how many other companies?

I guess it’s capitalism in action though, such a beautiful system! those who make everything transparent, make software open source, respect user freedom, put it out there for free will struggle and don’t get rewarded, while some motherfucker companies who close source their software, fill it with spyware, design it to be addictive so they can show more ads, get to have all the money. totally fair!

That’s why I recommend the (A)GPL. Especially with AGPL, they always have to give users the source.

Probably a bug. When you maintain two different software for the same database (but presumably without a combined API), funny shit is going to happen.

Watch this too: https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=RY_2gElt3SA

I don’t think China would intentionally spread COVID as a weapon, and not necessarily because they are so nice.


  • COVID, for a very long time, spread in China mostly. Who wants to attack themselves?
  • COVID has a pretty low risk of death for a weapon
  • It’s risky as fuck. Imagine if people find out, and say the US goes to war about it (the US had started wars for much smaller things in the past). That war’s not gonna be pleasant to say the least.

So, It just sounds like a stupid thing to do.

My friends mention anything interesting, and then I look it up.

I stopped looking at news myself.

I’ve read on the wiki about something called ardour or something, that’s all I know of

Here, but it definitely has a steeper learning curve compared to Audacity

I think it was BitKeeper, not BitBucket

I don’t know, but this fossil thing looks interesting, I might try it sometime

Pirating fonts

Hello! …

I think this is a big win for the free software community. Copying APIs is legal, at least in the US. …

What is your biggest complaint about Lemmy?

For me, it’s the lack of diversity in opinions. IDK about you but I’ve only seen people from here and lemmygrad.ml, and nearly everyone is pretty far left. I’m not having a big problem with it, but the site is very, umm, single-minded. …

I don’t care about downvotes, at all…