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What are some recommended private btc setups?

Just keep the private key locally on a hardware wallet or mobile device (only do the latter if you can ensure its security). The great thing about cryptocurrencies is that you don’t have to rely on banks to keep your assets, but you sorta do if you use services like Coinbase

I personally like using cryptocurrencies that support low transaction fees like Dash or Ether. I store the private keys on a hardware wallet, so no one has access to my assets and I own them. Even though you can’t use them in a lot of popular stores, there’s plenty of sites where you can buy gift cards for those stores using cryptocurrencies.

Google discriminates against Tor users. Sometimes, like you just witnessed, they won’t allow you to even prove that you’re human through a CAPTCHA, other times you will be allowed to prove you’re human, but then still, you need to solve way more tests than a user who isn’t using Tor would.

They lost me right away when I saw they put Atom in first place. To this day it’s still been my worst experience with a text editor

I as the creator of a community cannot see who voted, but I imagine that information is available to the Lemmy instance administrators if they wish to go out of their way to inspect their database, and I don’t think encrypting votes would prevent that because the instance administrators would still be able to decrypt it because they’d have the keys

I turned my Pi into a web server which hosts an onionsite. Tor makes it super easy to make any web server host an onionsite, which means I won’t need to buy a domain and I can self-host without people finding my IP address

I just installed it and it’s great so far. I love the peertube integration as well

Meanwhile a different group of people storing the same image 40 times in different places for convenience

cough game freak

I’m having trouble entering the room. Also it appears to be called ‘0000000000000’

browser.translation.engine is set to Google though, by default, for me at least

No, it’s very true. Everyone swallows 8 spiders in their sleep. If you die tomorrow and you haven’t swallowed any spiders yet, eight spiders will crawl into your mouth tonight

The link gets cut off with a … at the end, but if I select the link by pressing and holding, and I copy it, it will copy all of it for me. Anyway, I sent you a request

Not at all. The app creates a folder and automatically moves all email belonging to itself to that folder

I think it could be possible with an Android emulator. Thus far there isn’t a native version for desktop computers

Sublime Text as well; for me it’s the perfect combination of looking sleek and modern and performing extremely well

Don’t worry, the hardware manufacturers will make up for it in no time! /s

I think there will be. For example, Microsoft is testing it to possibly incorporate it in critical parts of Windows

I usually program in Rust or C/C++. I also know Java, C#, PHP, JS and some other languages mainly used for web development, but I almost never use them unless I have to for school because I don’t really like working in them.

Maybe consider creating a post in !announcements@lemmy.ml so more people will find it

A public forum (= group chat) on Briar for people from this community!

If you want me to add you, simply add me as a contact and send me message. After I’ve added you, you can invite others as well. Add me using this address: briar://advwvtyik5kzgymahjwa7qu7i5dyyobop425qlblgn5rcjreiyurk…

I created a forum, add me as a contact so I can add you it if you want, and you can in turn invite others :D Enter this address under “Add contact at a distance”: briar://advwvtyik5kzgymahjwa7qu7i5dyyobop425qlblgn5rcjreiyurk

Are there any Google Sheets alternatives that supports view only sharing?

I need an alternative to Google Sheets that allows me to share a file in view only mode, so others cannot edit it. …

CSS works again on Pale Moon. Thanks, devs!

I don’t actually know if this was intentional or not, as I remember the previous stance was that this was an issue with Pale Moon and not Lemmy, but either way, it works…

I just had an idea for 'blogs', like personal communities.

This isn’t like a small feature suggestion. This would be a pretty big change. But, hear me out. …

See if you can find it in-game! Take a screenshot and on your Switch, share it with a Twitter or Facebook account (I created a Twitter account specifically for this), copy the image from Twitter or Facebook and post it as a reply. …

Breath of the Wild: Picture Hunt

A while ago I saw a few threads on Reddit that were dedicated to players uploading screenshots of locations in Breath of the Wild. …

It still says I am a moderator of the deleted /c/lemmy_alternatives

I was assigned as a moderator by someone else and had no chance to object (I wouldn’t join a community like that myself, I love Lemmy <3) but there is no way to remove myself as a moderator. I can’t resign. There’s an issue on GitHub for that, but the ability to resign as a moderator has not been ad…

Thoughts on exploration in the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

It has been confirmed that the sequel to Breath of the Wild will feature the map from Breath of the Wild (though likely with new elements or alterations). …