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  • Giving up on workers in the most powerful parts of the world (no matter how pampered they are by capital) means just giving up and watching third world workers throw themselves at the empire’s tanks and jets over and over again until something different magically happens. It also implies that your revolutionary potential comes only from how exploited you are. If that were the case then socialist revolutions (not nationalist ones) would have happened in every former colony instead of just a few (like China or Burkina Faso) and that political consciousness isn’t real force.

    Western workers have a responsibility to build a left in their countries that is capable of throwing its weight around instead of shirking that responsibility and turning leftism into a “its not happening, its too hard, someone else far away will do it”. Finally, if and when left revolutions do happen in the third world, they are likely to have mutate into nationalist reactions when the west attacks them. There is no future in which the left succeeds for good in which workers of the most industrialized countries are asleep.