Dealing with a wannabe coder here on Lemmy

You can ignore it and down-vote if you want. I just do not want to let wrong accusations stand, and I do not want to drag any other guild into it. Because it is off-topic and designed to discredit me. I apologize that I need to do that, but letting wrong things stand is what I learned, what causes troubles.

This topic is no harassment against mentioned user, more to clear up wrong and biased accusations against me as a person from a toxic and based community.

This is a follow-up by the Signal convo. I have to post this in my guild now because a moderator, warned both of us, which I predicted will happen because he hit off-topic and I do not want someone bad mouth me and let that stand.

Of course that would be a better option but I didn’t want to look like I’m avoiding his baseless accusations. If someone is calling me out publicly, they can be sure I will answer publicly as well.

The baseless accusations are linked in your GitHub link, which I destroyed without breaking a sweat.

I was only replying to that user and for me, the argument related to his past activity is over. Hopefully he will understand that and will also stop replying to me about that issue.

He wants to be right, desperately.

No, you didn’t.

The facts are presented, he cannot argue because he is not involved nor does he got background information, because he is simply not involved. He just reads one part of the story and thinks he is right.

The issue is still open and last comment was written two weeks ago so either you live in some different reality or your so-called evidence is made up.

Nope, it is closed by an GitHub staff, you see that because no closed reason was provided because a GitHub staff can do that. It is not locked, this is true. The difference between a locked and closed issue ticket is explained here.

The only member who got warned and then permanently banned in that situation was you. Your GitHub account is still banned since 2018. Now try to convince me and others that this happened because GitHub stuff was wrong and they don’t know their own ToS.

I am not permanently banned. No, my account is fine, I have 5 others, one of them is mentioned on my Blog, which you do not read. I refused to make deals with GitHub, this is true because GitHub supports cheaters by hosting cheat code, I personally do not support such things. Harassment and abusing to issue tickets as vendetta is against GitHub ToS as per Acceptable Use Policies.

Can you show me any proof that anyone related to arkenfox is chasing you over multiple platforms and that I’m doing the same?

Sure I can. Here, it shows and proves that the team members reported me across multiple repos, websites. Please provide evidence that you are not one of them.

You were the one spreading misinformation, not facts, so I reminded people about who you are so they can better understand why are you behaving that way and that they shouldn’t worry about you attacking them if they disagree with you.

You did not even read it in full, which you’re already in public admitted. I do not need to understand anything at all. I provide services, for free, for the community since over 30 years now. Your account is 2 months old. The arkenfox account is from 2018. No one before nor after accused me wrongly of anything.

By writing really long post, spreading misinformation and users who exposed you and claiming that amount of knowledge is measured by number of your repositories.

The post is long because of trolls accusing me, and I responded to every single detail. This is called been specific.

And that’s what you should do few years ago instead of writing long and meaningless post.

I did not made any mistake that involved the arkenfox community. So in that case there is nothing to be sorry.

The GitHub issue is still open and even active. The only user who got punished in this situation was you.

He repeated himself. Don’t know why. Twice wrong is still wrong.

No, because it was proven that earth is not flat. You still didn’t prove that you didn’t plagiarize other’s work.

Sure, and I proved in detail that accusations against me, which you did not read at all… are wrong.

You are the one trying to accuse me of harassment only because I gave you the link to facts about yourself.

It is per definition a fact that you are a troll and someone who randomly accuses me maybe because you are involved into the arkenfox project yourself.

In internet slang, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community(such as social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog), with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses,[2] or manipulating others’ perception.

Harassment is explained here.

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior that demeans, humiliates or embarrasses a person, and it is characteristically identified by its unlikelihood in terms of social and moral reasonableness.

That seems to be the legacy of the arkenfox project. Trolling, doxing and harassment.

Even after I warned him, he still wants to fight me off-topic.

It doesn’t matter. If you are using Lemmy, it doesn’t mean you can’t use messenger that was FOSS for most of the times.

You are wrong again. Signal is dead but only for you, just one tiny person that is trying to prove that he did nothing bad.

Lemmy is a FOSS community. Everything which is not FOSS is considerable dead for people here. Because this is the whole point of this community.

Have a good laugh at this user


  • He never contacted me first nor did make any effort to create a post in my guild because it gets more attention in other guilds.
  • Looks like yet another burner account who clown up if he is bored, aka weekends.
  • He ignores topics.
  • He ignores valid proof just because it is from me who actually was involved.
  • He never reads links, or shall I say content behind the links in full. This displays ignorance and incompetence.
  • He aggressively tries to be right, even on topics there is nothing worth to talk about.
  • He seems to be biased and maybe fan of the arkenfox community.
  • He harasses me to make absolute no point and makes a laugh number out of himself by arguing without reason or logic.
  • He protects a community busted plagiarizing everything out of the Internet and mostly out of Telegram, Bugzilla and other resources. Which I showed with links and screenshots here.
  • He is a troll and a fanboy, this is proven now.
  • He could have just used the ignore function on Lemmy, you can ignore guilds or individual people.
  • He does not even use Signal. Shows he abused the Lemmy Signal thread to harass me and slip it under as comment, trying to fool everyone about his intentions.
  • 8 followers for reposting F-Droid updates.
  • Taking a link from others, claim that the content of the link from others are facts and has no guts to star their project, how lame is that.

User can contact me via DM, but I do not let his nonsense stand until then this thread is locked because he has a problem with me as a person.

We all know I will never get an DM from this user and even if he will just post the screenshots in public, possible on GitHub trying to discredit me, like it happened in the past, his own so-called proof, a link, shows that clearly. People like him want attention and discredit others because they think what they do is the right thing to do.

Fights like this do not end up well, and the boomerang can come back.

Sad story, had to waste my pressures’ lifetime for this… What we learned here is do not deal with trolls, you waste your time with them, they are already biased and they refuse real facts by people who actually are involved.

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