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And bullshit like this is why Canada has one of the worst telecom industries internationally, with some of the most expensive plans and worst customer satisfaction rates.

Regardless of whether Huawei poses a genuine security risk, the concerns have given rise to a general notion countries cannot afford to gamble on a telecommunications firm that is supported enthusiastically by Beijing

Okay, this actually pissed me off as a Canadian considering how fast and loose the government of Canada plays with other even more important things. Oh no not the precious telecoms! Canada needs to be gambling on its environment instead by chopping down old growth forests and building pipelines through forests! Let’s do nothing about the opioid crisis, housing crisis too and just let desperate highly marginalised people figure it out for themselves! Let’s sweep the ingoing issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and children under the rug while pretending to give a shit about indigenous communities! Let’s just use cops to shunt the homeless people away from where the rich can see and smell them and call it a day! But won’t someone please think of the telecoms!

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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