TSMC founder chides U.S. plan for full chip supply chain onshore
Chang calls domestic push unfeasible, with $52bn in subsidies far too little
2unu jaro

I hope it fails so Americans can spend the next century making plastic junk for the Chinese middle class. I love how Intel is rebranding it’s 7nm vaporware process as “Intel 4” so it can sound like it’s better than TSMC’s 5nm process. Notwithstanding the hope that full integration between capitalism and the military industrial complex can bring, the above laughable rebrand reveals much about the heart and soul of American power: today, after all the torture chambers and war of terror, the death and displacement of millions of people around the world to prop up Dick Cheney’s “American Way of Life”, we peripheral peoples get to witness America’s humiliating descent into self-parody and delusion.

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