Personally I have my own Dokuwiki personal wiki served locally on my machine where I keep anything of interest to me and serves as my own personal knowledge base. I might release it to the public one day I’m not too sure.

But I’m curious to know if any of you folks here maintain your own personal knowledge base and if so what software do you use for it?


I actually just use a plaintext file, which I write in the OrgMode-format, so I can use an app on my phone.

I have all my tasks, notes and reminders in the OrgMode format, too (in different files), which works better for me than having everything in different applications.
It’s just less formats to wrangle with, less work to sync between devices, less places to search through and less friction for e.g. making a KB entry out of a note.

The big downside is, of course, that it’s not some fancy KB software, so you can’t link between entries, and images aren’t really a thing and so on.
I guess, it depends on how much information you want to gather. I’m generally happy with a few words and a link, so this setup works perfectly fine for me.


Org-roam mate.

It provides the linking and visualization of your data :)


I mostly use Zim, which can save to a readable text file.

For bookmarks and links, I use Simplenote.


I use Qownnotes which syncs to my Nextcloud. I document all my installations and tweaks over time, and it is easily searchable.


I am personally very terrible at documenting what I know, or what I’m doing. I don’t even take photos/selfies when going out or write notes about something interesting (unless it’s very urgent/important).

But honestly this idea of writing “personal wiki” of things that I know, not just “life documentation”, is quite interesting.


This isn’t really a knowledge base but it’s how I keep my files and information. I have three kinds of data: paper notebooks, loose papers, and computer files.

The notebooks are for things that come into my mind, designing software, notes when learning something, small bits of important information and general writing of various kinds. These live on my bookshelf but they move all around. Each notebook has an ID and a topic for example, “learn/math/topology”, or just “organization” which is where I put important information and lists.

The loose papers are mostly for bills, letters and forms. I have a box with a bunch of plastic wallets and loose papers. I toss letters and stuff in that box and every 2-3 years or so I sort through it and put them in the wallets (which are marked by topic).

For computer files, my home directories on my two computers are sorted by topic using the same scheme as the other two kinds of data storage. Periodically I move them to a HDD containing archives and backups. The archive directory is first sorted by calendar quarter then by topic (since what fits in a topic can change over time). The backups just contain recent snapshots of various drives. The whole thing gets compressed and copied to a server running at my mom’s house.

This works just fine for me because when I want to reference something, I usually know the topic and roughly where it’s stored. It’s hard to find things you read on a website/read in a book/saw in a video/heard in a podcast if you can’t remember enough of the title. I think these cases except for the first aren’t well solved by PKBs at the moment.

I used to use evernote first then dynalist but moved away from both 4 years ago due to how slow they were on my iphone 5s. Instead I just bring a pen and small notebook or piece of paper for thought capture which is as fast as anything could be.


I use obsidian, but it is closed source


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