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A theme which often surfaces in contemporary depictions of socialism in literature and popular culture is the use of restrictive controls on the sort of books people in socialist countries had access to, encouraging a notion that bookshops only sold volumes of Marx and Lenin. Accompanying this is the notion that western literature was totally […]

(I’m sick of pretending being rouge, and furthermore, this empty comment will be the proof that marxism’s an instance of censorship culture, but, above all, it’ll be the demonstration, not the proof, of why I’ve got a own fabricated color, a thing that I own and choose to own it.) The most hated idea for me is the stupid assumption, and vastly supported by the majority of Marxists and socialists, that being no capitalist makes me a supporter of your causes, *re tarded dialectic I’m not part of your fought, there’s any side to take, there’s any synthesis; embrace the fire of postmodernism and choose one side from where you could analice everything. And, please, not pretend that you’re the victim for living in the obscurity, you’re outdated. The imperfect and fragile freedom has won. Update and ponder yourself, read your opponents and in the process poison your mind, because, if you’re a real fighter of the freedom, you’ll discover your own antidote for your foes’ and allies’ ideas. I’m pretty drunk, so ignore all, it’ll make me suffer xD.

Thank you for your word salad, it was certainly interesting to read.

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