In the very few times I’ve been on Facebook, I’ve gotten ads from Raël twice now.

Rael is a sex cult and sect founded in 1974 by some French guy to make a shit ton of money and r*pe his female followers.

And apparently for Facebook, it’s perfectly fine to promote an ad claiming aliens invented humanity and rael (yes he named himself after his cult) is their humble messenger. They don’t recruit you just yet into the cult, this comes after you download their ebook (which I didn’t do, I gave them enough information about me after I clicked on the link) I guess.

This is on French-language Facebook, so I have no idea how to kick up a witch hunt over this. Twitter maybe, but I have a tiny account with no followers (burner account I made some 10 years ago lol).

I did report the ads and the page but facebook is notoriously ineffective and careless about their moderation, so I doubt they’ll see anything wrong with letting a literal cult recruit on their platform. Zuckerberg gotta make that money!

And this comes after claims that they want to stop fake news lmao.

The silver lining is it’s a page for my country and it’s apparently really new. 89 followers only since they started, earlier this year. Maybe I can email some government agency and ask them the status of this cult with a link to the page on facebook.

It’s also worth noting the (French) Wikipedia article about the cult is incredibly… cautious. They present them in a very good light, and discussions have been ongoing since 2009 (in the discussion page) with someone who gets their edits exposing rael as what they are reverted, because they somehow don’t conform to wikipedia standards (you have to include sources in a certain way and original research is not allowed, so if someone leaves rael and makes a witness statement, you can’t use that).

This is so fucking infuriating. Delete the fucking bourgeoisie, and delete cult grifters from the face of the earth. If they want to join their aliens so bad, who are we to deny them?

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