Facebook has had a string of disasters around trust with user privacy (just think of Cambridge Analytica and WhatsApp metadata). Their philosophy has been shown to be: Cross the line as quietly as you can, and if caught, apologise, and do it later in a better way. Mark Zuckerberg has publicly made promises on live video interviews, which he has just broken years later (remember the one that “you own your data”).

So sorry, but I really ‘see’ this as a pretty invasive frontier for Facebook. I’d rather trust some other company, and more so if it was fully open sourced, so we can examine how it works and what the safeguards are. Trust is the big issue!

See https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/9/22664181/facebook-ray-ban-stories-smart-glasses-leak-launch-date

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Oh damn, are we going to have Glassholes again? 🤦‍♀️


I just don’t see how those smart glasses are going to break into the AR market. As a product, what it is going to do differently compared to Snapchat’s Spectacles and the Google Glass? The former is being developed with new models and it’s still on sale but the sales have been slumping and even Gucci branding hasn’t really helped; the latter’s consumer version didn’t escape the prototype stage and is nowadays marginally used in enterprise and hospital settings. Combine Facebook’s scandalous privacy track record with AR glasses and… I don’t just see how this will succeed. Perhaps some normies already hooked into Facebook’s services will buy those.


They certainly look good and “normal” but the abnormal part is “powered by Facebook” and heavens knows what they’ll be tracking and watching to “improve their AI”. This is surely going to have more issues than the currency they tried to float.


how long til someone finds a hidden api that records without the light

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