Spokesman for extremist group that took over Afghanistan says it wants ties with all countries in the region, and even willing to cooperate with US, but not Israel

I think Israel may somehow be able to survive that slight.

Israel is not the mighty beast it once appeared to be… They are unable to track down 6 escaped resistance fighters since Monday, despite setting all their resources on them. A few months ago, during the sword of Jerusalem operation, hamas saturated the iron dome so bad, the new fascist premier of Israel flew to the US to request more money.

It may not mean much today, but it could mean a lot in the near future.


It’s the thought that counts

i once thought the taliban was a progressive state, this antisemitism proves me insanely wrong

Fucking lol, the Taliban is as right wing as Trump and yet they are not antisemites because Isn’trael is a fucking ethno state full of bourgeoisie genocides. Most of the Middle East don’t want to have any kind of relationship with them and won’t let you in if you have an Isn’trael stamp in your passport because they know they’ve been massacring Palestine and cooperating with the same nazis that created proxy wars in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and so on.

antisemitism definitely shouldn’t be defended but the taliban certainly isn’t as bad as trump, unlike trump the taliban

  1. gives free transitions for trans folxs

  2. allows womxn in the government

  3. is fighting american imperialism

  4. supports china

among many other things, this is the first bad news about the taliban i heard, antisemitism is still unacceptable but it’s not as bad as you seem to think it is

Dude, there’s a difference between not wanting to deal with the settlers of Israel, and hating the Jewish community as a whole. Those people are murdering children, teenagers, women, men, old people, and are erasing an existing culture withing a geographic location. They’re literally pushing for a predominant ethnicity in a country, that’s like fucking very similar to what Hitler wanted to do.

That’s a funny joke.

this is the most transparent bait account I’ve ever seen lmao. Not doing a really good job at it.

jhghjb (he/they)

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خوش آمدید

Everything about Afghanistan.

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