I have read very little about it, but I’m wondering what your opinion, as a lefty, is on it.

Frog of War

To my understanding of the situation, The US government funded, armed, and inspired the rise of the Taliban in the 70’s, then fully detached from them after the Soviet-Afghan war, leaving them high and dry to deal with the legal government of Afghanistan, then (if G.W. Bush accidentally admitting to it is to be believed) instigated an attack on American soil to justify going to war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and have now gotten to a point where they’ved messed every possible thing up, and are pulling out.

The Taliban isn’t supportable (unless someone can argue something otherwise), and I don’t know much about the US-aligned government the Americans put in power. But, I’d assume they’re not supportable either. So, I think it’s probably just best to watch this one from the sidelines and just hope for good outcomes, whatever “good” means in this context.

did Bush admit to 9/11 or was it something else?

Frog of War

Now that you say that, I remember someone who was in power at the time straight-up admitted to it, but now I’m not remembering who.

I know Bush admitted to the WMD’s line on Iraq being made up, though.

The Free Penguin

The Soviets need to rise from their grave and invade Afghanistan

  • America is cringe
  • Taliban is also cringe
  • USSR is based

Isn’t it Taliban vs the US?


The US is pulling out of Afghanistan after fucking it up like they always do. The US-aligned government installed there is losing against the Taliban, and according to some predictions, the latter is months away from seizing the state. In this sense you could call it Afghanistan vs the Taliban as there is an “established” government representing Afghanistan.

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