Krystal Ball CONFRONTS Bernie On Biden's Failed Promises
Krystal and Saagar analyze a portion of Krystal's exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders where she challenges him on the Biden administration's broken promi...

Bernie not actually fighting for m4all or to decrease war budget, etc is nauseating. Here’s a vid of him doing apologetics for Biden, his “good friend Joe,” who is corrupt as they come. Bernie was never going to change the system. Hear him in his own words. Vomit warning


Many of the things he proposes is a movement. It’s a redirection of thinking from the status quo. He proposes concepts, but the likelihood of ever achieving them all was never likely. At best, we need him to sway the thoughts of people so they lean towards the concepts he envisions. Regardless of what people think of Biden, he’s a huge improvement over Trump. I would’ve voted for a piece of shit floating in a pool of vomit before you’d ever see me vote for Trump. Leave Bernie alone. He’s inspiring people to think differently and that is step one.


How about you get elected to senate as a socialist independent and then run two giant presidential campaigns and then launch your criticism.


Seems kinda strange to suggest that only presidential candidates can criticize presidential candidates.


Not presidential candidates. But it’s weird to criticize people who I’m sure have done way now than you will ever do to better the world.


Instead of looking at weighing the scales of good or bad that has been done you could look at the actual arguments being made instead of disregarding them on ad hominem grounds. Though the notion that Bernie has done a lot of good needs citations. The Yugoslavian folks who had American bombs dropped on them with Bernie’s support would like to see some proof.


OP is disregarding Bernie as a whole because of his political pragmatism. I think that’s really easy if you aren’t forced to make any real political decisions yourself. If you disagree with a vote that’s one thing, but how are you going to dismiss him for speaking well of the president when he has to actually work with Biden in order to get anything actually done. The left or the party isn’t powerful enough to just be 100% oppositional to establishment dems. Bernie’s job isn’t to be a mouthpiece for your outrage.

This is a project I am working on. USAFS stands for the United States of America Fucking Sucks and I intend to keep proving that until the US no longer exists (prob not happening), or it is no longer true. This is a place to free your mind, let loose and release that rage constructively and hopefully heal some in the process. A safe place for dissidents.

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