Open Science and the UNESCO initiative - opportunity to republish ISC statement - International Science Council
In this statement made by the ISC delegation to the UNESCO Special Committee meeting on Open Science, 6-12 May 2021, the delegation explores how the recommendation and potential cascading interventions by Member States could develop along two divergent pathways. ISC Members are invited to download the statement and republish on their websites and in their scientific journals.

Who else has the power to stand up to the abusive monopolies?

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    Open science, open research or open scholarship, is an increasingly important discussion topic. However, it can be difficult to know where to go for information. This subreddit will collate the latest from the world of open science, including but not limited to open access, open data, open education, open peer review, and open source.

    We use term science in the international sense: from the natural sciences to the humanities and everything in between.

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