FreePN is the first open-source peer-to-peer VPN service. It's also fast, secure, and completely free.

Why doesn’t their website explain how it works, aaaargh. It pretty much just says “like tor but like a vpn”

their github says this:

The FreePN network daemon (fpnd) is a P2P implementation of a distributed virtual private network (dVPN) that creates an anonymous “cloud” of peers where each peer is both a client node and an exit node. Peers are randomly connected on startup and reconnected to new (random) peers as needed.

oof that’s dangerous


“Save $5/mo and get accused of pedophilia” could be their slogan.

I’ve always thought we need anonyimity at the router level (like an anonymous DHT mesh), but I know that’d probably be impossible to have reasonable speeds with something like that…

No that exists, you just have a virtual router, like with Tor and i2p. You can run that on a raspberry pi with its own wifi and have an anonymous router.


I’m aware that exists at a higher level, but I meant at the literal routing level (level 3 on OSI if I remember it right). Then everything is anonymized by default, not just things you proxy over Tor/I2P/etc. Anonymity should be the default, not the exception.

A free & anonymous meshnet is just a pipedream of mine more than anything. Albeit I know there are versions of this idea, but they often exists within a tiny 1-5 mile bubble in some random state/country, and usually exist seperate from the clearnet.


Looks like a good way to get a bunch of IPs for your botnet.


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Not just that, it will also have your IP on many of the website that other users visited through you…


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