So funny that a world power can completely cripple itself … because capitalism


Indeed, capitalism is inherently self destructive. It’s basically ideology of cancer where it creates rapid malignant growth that ultimately kills its host.


One thing to appreciate is that China has deliberately developed in such a way where at least this is a possibility now.

Were there no Marxist-Leninist nation with the size and demographic power of China these absurdity could have gone till the planet ceases to be. We may not be in the clear but at least there is some semblance of hope.

At this point I’m 95% certain Capitalism won’t be able to destroy the planet seeing as how:

A) Capitalism (and any other ideology for that matter) doesn’t happen in a vacuum (a fact which most people seem to forget or not even consider when making climate change predictions)

B) China is now the world’s leading hegemony.

C) Humans are too far spread out to go extinct except possibly at the hands of heat death via increased luminosity of the sun (predicted in around 2.8 billion years). Keep in mind our first climate change projection didn’t take into account elevation, so China will still be around in some form, just mostly in the Himalayas.

Sorry but most people’s pessimism regarding the future of the planet just isn’t warranted considering all of these facts.


Yeah, that’s my view as well. At least China has capitalism on a leash and Marxism-Leninism is being taught as the official ideology. Having good political education for the masses and a communist party in charge gives me a lot of hope.

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