Hey folks. Let’s have an introductions thread.

I’m Mike. I created this community and the matrix room in an effort to bring automation peeps together. To help each other out. Or complain about the frustrations of our trade.

I’ve been interested in and dabbling in various forms of programming since I was around 8 years old playing around on a commodore64. I’ve been working on controls programming and configuration for almost 20 years now in all. I’ve seen quite a bit, but still learn new stuff everyday. Especially with the rate the software is being updated, which brings about new bugs to troubleshoot on an almost daily basis.

My particular area of expertise is working in Honeywell Experion, performing system builds and migrations, especially brownfield migrations.

Looking forward to having some good discussion and sharing info.

Distributed Control Systems

    This is a community for techs and engineers that work with any number of DCS (Distributed Controls Systems) to seek configuration and programming help, share tips and tricks, complain and bemoan the behemoths that create these systems or just chit chat with folks that feel your pain.

    Live chat on matrix #dcs:matrix.org

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