NixOS install success today

In the past I’ve tried NixOS a few times but I was too impatient during the install and got a bit stuck or maybe gave up too quickly. Now I see that the installer is not the most smooth part of NixOS and needs just more patience on my part ;) I also tried to install it on a computer where it made the virtual desktop way too big and I could not figure out why the Gnome kb shortcuts didn’t work so I tried on another computer, and install succeeded! - edit - Could not get the first example of the xfce4 wiki to work, so after a while made it simpler. Very cool to see that after a “rebuild” it (xfce4) is ready to be used!


Their documentation isn’t the most self-explanatory for new users unfortunately. Other than that, once you figure it out, the installation’s quite easy.


Yes, thanks. I got confused about the (start X and change passwords) instructions in the virtual console, and then X suddenly starting but once I got to the next step it was much easier.

All about NixOS -

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