Has anyone asked these defenders how these schools went from “giving children skills” to 50% mortality rate, mass graves and up to 90% rate of physical and sexual abuse?

Also absolute chad move by the second guy. The first guy shrunk like a mouse.

RED Vulpix

They don’t have an answer, because deep down they know there is no defense for these “schools” (they don’t deserve that term TBH, they were flat out concentration camps), but they don’t want to admit any of that because they, or their ancestors, or their organization, were either part of running it or benefited from it. It’s the exact same story with all those Catholic clergymen trying to defend them.

It’s just a desperate, pathetic attempt to save face, avoid the responsibility of making restitution/reconciliation to the people they harmed, and to gaslight the public and/or their supporters/followers.

Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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