On 6 July, the European Parliament adopted in a final vote the derogation to the main piece of EU legislation protecting privacy, the ePrivacy Directive, to allow Big Tech to scan your emails, messages and other online communications.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

What happened to freedom of speech?


EU != USA.
Do they even have something akin to Miranda rights?

I got curious and found Article 10 of the ECHR which refers to their version of freedom of speech and it does have restrictions based on the following:

  • interests of national security
  • territorial integrity or public safety
  • prevention of disorder or crime
  • protection of health or morals
  • protection of the reputation or the rights of others
  • preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence
  • maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary

I could see how that could be misused by any politicians to do as they please. But we have the same problems in the USA so no suprise there.


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It is, actually. The reason:

Chat Control is a temporary measure (on paper, we’ll see how that actually shakes out)

Little by little, we’re loosing ground. Temporary often means permanent. They’ll go with bullshit like “the measure has been proven very effective, we decided to make it permanent for [insert here emotional reasons]” (this is for the media) and then show some biased data.


Nah, it is. Of course it isn’t a Chinese-like social score system, or an USA-like level of mass surveillance, but it is serious and extremely dangerous. There is no way to check if an e2e message contain something specific without building a backdoor in every service or in every device. European Parliament doesn’t know how e2e work and they really want to check every message without technically breaking e2e (of course this is impossible). Some proposal to do that are: bake a system in every new PC/smartphone to check images or contents BEFORE those are encrypted and sent, bake a system in any app/program that officially works in the UE to check for suspicious content directly on the sender device… These are absolutely dangerous and terrible measures that will potentially endager the whole population.


Did you even read the linked article?


If we please can talk without being “edgy” and “woke” will be great. I read the article, the proposal and a lot more. There are dozen of sources, and I follow the discussion since the beginning. The european pirate party (Patrick Breyer in particoular) talked about this for months https://www.patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/message-screening/?lang=en and there are a lot of sources in my native language (if you want to check those too https://www.agendadigitale.eu/sicurezza/privacy/regolamento-chatcontrol-ovvero-la-sorveglianza-di-massa-anche-in-europa/ and https://eticadigitale.org/2021/05/28/europa-in-nome-dei-bambini-la-sorveglianza-di-massa-e-diventata-realta/). I even compiled the official survey from the UE about the proposal. I know for sure that chat-control will be proposed as MANDATORY in the near future, and will comprehend e2e services too.


This is just crying wolf when the actually passed proposal does not yet include any of this. I am also concerned about where this might lead in the future, but spreading false & alarmist information about this is counter-productive.


I’m reporting you what will be next. It is already decided. Of course it will be a proposal, but exactly like this one it will be approved. They just need to find a way to make it “work” without technically breaking e2e. Proposal are already here, like a sort of backdoor, on device scanning and image hashing. All of this is allarming, not allarmistic. Please, read the Patrick Breyer report or search deeper. It’s not a joke and it’s one of the most dangerous thing UE ever have done

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