"Proletarian revolutioniaries are not anath­ema to telling the narrative of a peo­ple’s common history of oppression and striving forge national unity. This is true es­pecially in the context of rousing a nation and unit­ing a broad range of classes to unite and rise against colonial or semicolonial subjugation or imperialist oppression.

In doing so, com­munists must always link and raise the question of national oppres­sion to the ques­tion of social oppression, i.e. to the question of classes, and the need to unite primarily the oppressed and exploited classes to fight the classes that perpetuate national oppres­sion, i.e. the imperialists and their local co­horts. Otherwise, raising the slogan of a people’s national unity will only redound to bourgeois national chauvinism, which is where Xi Jinping’s “national reju­venation” is ultimately leading to."

Some good notes from the Phillipines.

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