Movim – Responsive web-based cross-platform XMPP client
Movim is a kickass distributed social platform, with web client and mobile apps, that protects your privacy, comes with a set of awesome features and uses the industry-standard XMPP protocol

It would be interesting if movim were bridging to matrix, irc, and even other platforms such as mastodon, so one could see everything through movim/xmmp eyes, :) Does anyone know?


Sort of :)

Movim itself is a XMPP client and doesn’t do any “bridging”. However the official xmpp server does have some gateways (sometimes called transports, but rarely bridges outside Matrix) via Spectrum2 & Biboumi.

As of right now I think you can use IRC, Telegram and Discord with an account on, maybe others not sure. has their own public two way XMPP bridge, you you can try to use that from any XMPP server (Muc address is something like: ), but like most Matrix stuff it is buggy and breaks often (I hear the reverse way of using it is better though).

Edit: there is a gateway for Mastodon that you could self-host:


Thanks !


I should add: a better way to use the microblogging part of Movim together with ActivityPub is currently being developed, which would allow Movim to become a full part of the ActivityPub fediverse. I guess maybe at the end of this year there will be a functional prototype.

Movim is a social and chat platform that act as a frontend for the XMPP network.

Once deployed Movim offers a complete social and chat experience for the decentralized XMPP network users. It can easily connect to several XMPP servers at the same time.

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