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PrivacyBreacher is an Android app built as a proof of concept for a research article describing the privacy issues in Android. This app can access the following information from your phone without requesting any permissions:

Figure out at what time your phone screen turned on/off.

Figure out at what time you plugged in or removed your phone charger and wired headphones.

Figure out at what time you switched on/off your phone (i.e., it captures the device uptime and ACTION_SHUTDOWN broadcasts).

Access most of your device related information like your phone model, manufacturer etc.

Keep track of your WiFi/Mobile data usage.

Get a list of all the apps installed on your phone.

Construct a 3D visualization of your body movements.

Accelerometer data can also be used for a lot more:


This is actually pretty cool. Gonna try it now

Confidentiality Integrity Availability

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