A study published in Public Understanding of Science has found that many nonreligious people stereotype Christians as incompetent in science because they believe that Christianity and science conflict with each other. The study also found that when Christianity and science are described as being compatible, nonreligious individuals tend to have more positive views of Christians. ...
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As an experimental physicist, it’s 100% possible to hold beliefs that are incompatible with the theories that support your work while still getting the job done. There is a religious person in my lab, and there is a religious Nobel prize recipient at my university. These people probably couldn’t be relied upon for conversations about the philosophical implications of quantum field theory, but they can certainly still do good science.

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God is in the cracks. Also, humans, even intelligent and educated ones can hold conflicting convictions without much problems, at least for some. But ultimately when science advance, religion retreats. It can also go in the other way, but it’s usually during dark times of crisis and decline.

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