Angelfish browser - not just for Pinephone
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On my just-for-fun to-do list for a while was to try the Angelfish browser. I thought it was designed solely for Pinephone but it works great on the Linux desktop! And that means that non Pinephone users could contribute to the development of it. After some reading I see that it is also used on Maemo (Nokia) and SailfishOS with some enthusiastic users.

And not unimportant Lemmy looks great on it ;)


Based on qt-webengine, which in turn depends on blink (meaning the chromium/chrome web engine). I hope there will be a non blink based librewolf like gnu+linux mobile browser. I know it would be way too much to ask it to be a Qt/QML based, since there would be a ton of work to make gecko work as a stand alone web engine, separate from the browser gui, but that would be ideal, :)

But it’s great to see native alternatives for gnu+linux phones.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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