I’m bored of just reading about north America. It’s interesting but I’m sure equally interesting stuff is happening on all the other continents. Is there a way to internet, just browse for stories and opinions, but filtering out the overwhelming dominant subject.

Lemmy was planning a tagging feature for a while. So posters would always tag language and country. So you could chose to only see things pertinent to your language and region. What happened to that?

Americans only talk about a few things. And they all think the same way. It was interesting but I know enough about that now. How can I (easily and conveniently) discover what else is there in the world?

2 месяца

Don’t know of an easy solution but there is a Lemmy instance focused on Africa : https://baraza.africa And maybe Mastodon, besides using Lemmy, can be interesting for some news as well now that Mastodon (since a little while) supports following hashtags. https://fedi.tips/how-to-use-mastodon-and-the-fediverse-advanced-tips/ Explained in the Following hashtags paragraph.

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