How to stop the wildfires
Wildfires have been ravaging the west coast of the United States in recent years. One of the main reasons wildfires happen is that vegetation grows during the rain in winter, but are getting too dr…

Wildfires put a lot of carbon and other chemicals into the atmosphere. Heres how to stop the wildfires using natural methods.


I really don’t like the premise of this article. Fire is not the enemy. It is a vital part of the ecosystem that supports our world. There are species and habitats that literally cannot exist when we take fire off the landscape. (

(start of rant) In the US, we get the kinds of intense fires that we do because we put out anything we can. That means that the historic regime of frequent, low intensity fire has been altered. The little fires that would have cleared patches of fuel without sterilizing soil and burning up seed are all suppressed to the best of our ability. That leads to fuel to build up until it can burn so hot that we can’t put out the fire it supports. We are experiencing the consequences of our Smokey the Bear strategy of putting out any and all fires combining with historically bad weather events. We tried to extinguish fire in the western US, but instead of killing it we only made it angry. (end of rant)

There are good points in the article though. Allowing beaver expansion to their historic habitat would do great things at the ecosystem scale for streams, ground water recharge (mostly to support humans), and the surrounding communities (plants, animals, fungi etc). They suggest people implement these solutions in the article as part of a permacture design. Beavers don’t follow farm plans, so maybe building your own dams would be better for an engineered permaculture system.

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