What is your vision for Lemmy's flagship instance?

considering that lemmy.ml is not a flagship instance, and that we need a general-purpose instance to function as the flagship, how do you want it to be?

how different from lemmy.ml should it be? should we (lemmy.ml) federate with it? do you think it’s better to allow something like deradicalization of people with regressive values happen there? do want it to be similar to reddit? how should we prevent it from becoming an alt-right cesspool? do you think the slur filter should remain unchanged? it will need to be listed on join-lemmy, so do you think it’s code of conduct should be identical to ours?

When it comes to the name, in Lemmy’s Matrix room there was some talk regarding it. The flagship instance should preferably have a different name from the software it is running; similarly to Matrix (the protocol) and Element (the client). This would also help decentralization so that users wouldn’t equate the instance with Lemmy.

Why have a flagship instance? Seems to defeat the point of federation.


good point, nutomic said we could have multiple ones, to avoid centralization. but a flagship is useful for people who don’t want to find a specific instance and just wanna make an account and get going.

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