Hey, so what is Xi Jinping’s plan for abolishing China’s bourgeoisie?


The most important thing to consider, is that while China is a mixed economy, with a controlled capitalist sector and a predominating state / socialist one, that capitalists do not control the political system as in western bourgeois democracies.

To your question, the anti-corruption drive, and increased regulatory attention, and absorption of burgeoning capitalist industries into SOEs, especially in the past 20 years is indicative of the goal and trend to eliminate capitalists as they outlive their usefulness:

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I just want to say that these compiled list of links are only really a thing done by people on the left side and I love it. In debates, the right wing almost never integrates sources this well!


Agree, its also something you never see anarchists or imperialist “leftists” do, they use emotionally charged language or outright racist tropes. We have to educate, and at least get ppl started down the path of self-education if we want to succeed in winning ppl over.

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(I’m sorry that every time I comment on one of your posts, it’s either a small book’s worth of words, or comes across as a lil rude)

Lately, the CCP has been accusing CEOs of private corporations of violating worker’s rights and hoarding wealth. I think they recently tried the CEO of Tencent in an anti-trust lawsuit. They tried some other billionaires on similar stuff too, but I’m not in a mood to look for links rn (comrades are more than welcome to pop some links in the replies to the legal cases)

It isn’t “abolishment” yet, China still needs its leaches Bourgeois class if it wants to maintain an economy that can compete with American Capitalism. But I guess that just means we’ll have to wait and see how they’ll deal with the hyper-rich after the threat of American Capitalism is diminished, which might happen in our lifetime.


I tried googling and to be honest I couldn’t find anything official. Although I do support China in a general sense and will continue to do so until it becomes a political necessity to do so example being if they divert completely away from socialism and replace America as the colonial exploiters of the third world which is very unlikely to happen following current trends.

If you are interested I do have a pretty good document here that is actually a really interesting read on just how much the 3rd world views China positively. It is a pdf download so it won’t open a new window!

https://f.hubspotusercontent00.net/hubfs/7049607/The Democracy Perception Index 2021.pdf

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